Make it Muscatine: NextGen Motors
by Margaret Hurlbert
May 25, 2022

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Jimmy Greenhaw, Owner of NextGen Motors, has lived and breathed cars since his youth. When his father started selling cars in the 1980’s, 13-year-old Greenhaw mowed the lawn at the dealership. The next summer, he started working in the detail shop learning for an experienced detailer and loving every moment of it. His passion for cars only grew from there, and he stayed in the car business throughout his working career.

When Uptown Motors decided to sell their original showroom at 310 Cleveland Street in Muscatine, Greenhaw knew the time had come for him to open his own used car dealership, especially since his adult son expressed an interest in going into the car business after finishing his master’s degree this summer. “It’s been a dream of mine and the stars aligned,” Greenhaw said.

NextGen Motors will provide both sales and service, giving customers the best possible experience when buying and maintaining their vehicle. To make the purchasing process easier, NextGen Motors uses an integrated sales process, where the salespeople will complete transactions instead of sending clients off to talk with a separate finance manager. This ensures people do not have to give their personal information out to multiple people and that they can feel confident with the person they work with. Additionally, NextGen Motors can do both in person and remote sales, making the buying process as easy as possible.

For people maintaining their vehicles or seeking repairs, NextGen Motors has a complete service center, stocked with all of the tools and parts needed to work on any make and model of car and to do even difficult jobs, like air conditioner service. Greenhaw felt pleased that he could retain the entire service department that worked at Uptown Motors, ensuring that people can continue to work with the trusted local professionals they have formed relationships with. Greenhaw enthused, “we were able to retain some amazing people in service.”

The Greenhaws with the showroom they purchased for NextGen Motors.

As NextGen Motors gets started in Muscatine, Greenhaw feels excited to begin meeting and working with customers, giving them the best possible treatment every time they come out to the dealership. He also plans on expanding his staff to help even more people. “I am excited to see our team grow,” he shared.

A longtime Muscatine County resident, Greenhaw plans to use his business to help give back to the community too. He plans on allowing local organizations to decorate several of the rooms in the newly renovated dealership to allow them to get their message out to more people.

Greenhaw also joined the greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help Muscatine’s community continue to thrive. Jimmy Greenhaw’s wife, Denise Greenhaw stated, “the community has been very good to Jimmy and me, and we want to give back to the community and support entrepreneurs because we’ve experienced it.”

Jimmy Greenhaw added: “I think it’s amazing to see how this city has renovated. It’ exciting to see, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

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