Make It Muscatine: Oliver Owen Farm Bureau Financial Services

MUSCATINE, Iowa–After a career in retail management, Oliver Owen wanted to change things up. Looking to serve others in a new way, he joined Farm Bureau Financial Services and went to work as an agent for Muscatine in 2020.

Oliver Owen of Oliver Owen Farm Bureau Financial Services.

As a Farm Bureau financial agent, Owen values the opportunity to help people address a wide variety of needs. “We do a little bit of everything,” he stressed. From providing home, life, auto, and farm insurance, to assisting with investing, to planning for major life events like college or retirement, Owen can provide solutions for many different financial situations. While working with clients, Owen values getting to know them so he can recommend the best way to meet their particular needs or connect them to another Farm Bureau specialist.

Since starting at Farm Bureau Financial Services, Owen has found that this person-centered approach guides not just himself but everyone within the organization. In August 2020 after a durecho swept across much of the state, Owen requested to pause some scheduled training to allow him to assist people in Muscatine get their claims settled as fast as possible. The company gladly complied, and the day after the storm hit, Owen found himself in Muscatine answering the phones alongside his colleagues, getting claims taken care of in a timely fashion. “I’d always heard Farm Bureau was really good about taking care of people, but I got to see it first hand,” he stated.

Though Owen grew up in Moline, Illinois, he often spent time in Muscatine as part of his previous job. He felt drawn to the community and knew that when he became a Farm Bureau financial agent that he wanted to work here. The people reminded him of the honest working people from his childhood, and he hoped to help them plan for financial success. “They’re just genuine good people,” he said. “These are the people I want to spend time with.”

In his previous encounters with the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Owen always found them very helpful. “For a long time, I worked in retail and I ran a lot of stores across Iowa, and I always felt a lot of support from the chamber,” he recalled. Once he started his Farm Bureau work full time in October 2020, he knew right away he wanted to join them. “The first place to go is always the chamber, especially in Muscatine,” he stressed. “It wasn’t a question of joining, but of how soon could I get the forms filled out.”

Despite the challenges of starting out in a new business in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Owen has appreciated the many opportunities he has had to get to know residents and help them take care of tasks as simple as taking out a home or auto insurance policy or as complicated as preparing a farmer with many assets for retirement. He encourages anyone seeking financial advice to visit him at his office at 1501 Plaza Place, Muscatine, to call him at (563) 263-8855, or to email him at [email protected].