Make it Muscatine: The Grimm Company

WAPELLO, Iowa–Backgrounds in engineering and education may not sound like typical prerequisites for starting a successful video production company. However, for Brad and Lynette Grimm, owners of the Grimm Company, their previous experiences gave them everything they needed for their business to thrive. Together, the pair founded their business in 2014, and have helped numerous clients in Louisa County, Muscatine County, and beyond share their companies’ messages through video marketing ever since.

Brad and Lynette Grimm, owners of the Grimm Company.

Through his engineering work, Brad Grimm developed a knack for finding elegant and efficient solutions to problems. As he put it, “I have an engineering background, so problem solving is in my DNA.”

A very people oriented person, Lynette Grimm has always valued using her work to assist others.” Helping people is what I’ve always been about,” she emphasized.

Harnessing both of these skill sets, the Grimms developed a video production business with a focus on meeting each client’s specific needs and using each video to its fullest potential, allowing clients to succeed and continue to do the work they love for their community. Brad Grimm explained, “we’re very interested in the reason behind why companies exist, and the stories behind them, and sharing them with the community.”

To fully understand each client’s story and what their business needs from their video marketing, the Grimms have new businesses interested in working with them fill out an in-depth discovery form on their website. Using the information from the form, the Grimms can help develop a customized video marketing solution to make sure clients get the most out of their advertising.

Along with creating videos for customers to use, the Grimm Company takes video marketing to the next level by making sure clients have the means to use the content effectively to get the best returns possible. From making digital advertisements for various platforms, to developing on brand websites for businesses to include their videos on, the Grimm Company goes to great lengths to give clients’ videos the greatest and most effective reach possible. “Any of these tertiary pieces we can help with,” stated Brad Grimm.

Since first opening their doors, Brad and Lynette Grimm have felt amazed by the amount of local demand for their work. “The biggest surprise to us in how robust the business community is,” observed Brad Grimm, noting that they have worked with businesses of all sizes and kinds across the region.

“We’ve been able to stay local a lot more than we expected because there is so much going on,” added Lynnette Grimm.

Based in Wapello, the Grimms have made a point of getting the word out about their business both in Burlington to the south and Muscatine to the north. After joining the Greater Burlington Partnership, it seemed only natural to them to also join the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well. “We had a good experience there and wanted to interact with more people,” Brad Grimm shared. Through this new collaboration, they look forward to assisting more Muscatine County businesses.