Mayor Diana Broderson to run for reelection

MUSCATINE, Iowa–A third generation Muscatine resident, current Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson has spent the majority of her life living in the city. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Broderson returned to Muscatine to work first at New Horizons as a drug and alcohol counselor, and later at Crossroads, Family Resources as a sexual assault counselor, and finally at the Muscatine Community Y as director of family programs, a position she has held for the past 23 years. Broderson also completed some masters coursework at the University of Iowa, which has allowed her to teach periodically as an adjunct at both Muscatine Community College and Iowa Wesleyan University.

Broderson continues to live in Muscatine with her husband, also a third generation Muscatine resident. Both her children and stepchildren grew up in Muscatine as well.

Outside of her work, Broderson participates in a number of community organizations, including The Community Improvement Action Team, which has helped with initiatives such as growing the trail system and creating the dog park, as well as Rotary Club of Muscatine, the Salvation Army of Muscatine board of directors, and the First Baptist Church welcoming committee.

While working for the Y, Broderson got to know many different kinds of families with different needs. As she began to look for other ways to get involved in the community, she noticed many of the same people volunteered on many different boards or committees. These factors led her to want to run for mayor. “I thought that after so many years at the Y, I could help more families express their wishes and help the community be less fragmented,” she explained. “I wanted to help all people have a voice.” Broderson first ran for mayor in 2015 and won. She has since served three terms.

As Broderson prepares for a possible fourth term, she hopes to continue working with city council and city staff members on projects currently in process. “We’re all working very well as partners,” she said.

Specifically, Broderson would like to keep the momentum going on the Grandview Revitalization Project, the West Hill Sewer Separation project, and the road construction on Park Avenue, as well as continued efforts to upgrade the riverfront. “The more things we can do to improve the riverfront and downtown and to get people outside, the better,” she emphasized. She also hopes to continue fostering collaboration between the city and other organizations by maintaining seats on the Sister Cities board, the Mississippi River Mayors Group, and the Region Nine Bistate Committee.