MCSA Peer Drop In Center begins offering WRAP Program

MUSCATINE, Iowa–For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking care of themselves in all ways. In response to this growing area of interest, the Muscatine Center for Social Action Peer Drop in Center added its first ever Wellness and Recover Action Plan or WRAP programs at the end of April and beginning of May.

Designed to address many needs, Peer Support Specialist Ginger Busby explained that WRAP, “is a recovery system for persons coping with diverse physical and behavioral health challenges.” Originally created by the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, organizations all over the world have implemented the WRAP program and reaped positive results.

Through the WRAP program, participants will work with peer support specialists to identify what they can do to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy and create a plan to incorporate those practices into their everyday lives. A flexible framework, Busby emphasized that participants can continue to use and adapt their plan even after they complete the WRAP program and as their life changes over time. “Community members will benefit from this evidence-based practice,” she asserted: “Our world has and is going through so many challenges, as we have seen with the pandemic. The class gives a chance for people to feel prepared for crisis and have a say in their life and how they respond to challenging situations.”

The first two sessions of WRAP at the MCSA Peer Drop In Center have already begun. Because participants need to come to each session (which take place either weekly or biweekly, depending on the session they join) Busby encourages anyone interested in trying WRAP for themselves to wait for the next set of sessions to join. To find out more about the WRAP program, and to sign up for a future session (which can take a maximum of 10 participants) Busby recommends calling the Peer Drop In Center at 563-554-3781 or 563-200-274. Callers can also learn about other enjoyable programs with current availability going on at the Peer Drop In Center, located at 312 Iowa Avenue, right now.

Since 2019, MCSA’s Peer Drop In Center has assisted people from all over the community, not just MCSA residents, improve their mental health. The WRAP Program gives them a new avenue to lead people to better mental health outcomes: “A Peer Support Specialist is someone who has first-hand experience with mental health who can work with peers who are currently facing struggles. It is easier for folks to relate and open up to someone if they have a shared experience, so working with a Peer Support Specialist can help set someone up for success,” detailed MCSA Resource and Development Officer Jennifer Leirness. “With the Peer Support Specialists teaching the WRAP class, it makes for a really great combination and a unique learning experience for everyone.”