MCSA receives third annual donation from Calvary Church

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Running programs to prevent homelessness, provide temporary shelter, and assist women and children escaping domestic violence takes a lot of supplies. From providing fresh food for meals, personal care items to promote good hygiene, to the housewares needed to get settled in a permanent home, Muscatine Center for Social Action requires many different items to serve all of the people it works with daily. For the third consecutive year, Calvary Church helped MCSA meet these needs through a donation they delivered April 1.

This year, Calvary Church delivered a full truck and SUV load of different supplies for MCSA to use, including food for the food pantry, hygiene supplies, and home goods. With this sizable donation, MCSA plans to put the things they received to use across all of their programs to make sure they get into the hands of those who could use them most.

“The donations from the Calvary Church congregation will be spread out among our Food Pantry, Domestic Violence Shelter, On-Site Emergency Shelters, and Homeless Prevention Program,” explained Resource Development Officer Jennifer Leirness: “Our staff also works to ensure that guests are fully prepared when they move out into their own stable housing, so the donations of household and hygiene items help get them started off on the right foot. Essential items such as food, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. can really add up, so having these items on hand to distribute to guests is a huge help to them as they continue on their path to self-sufficiency.”

Since Calvary began making annual donations to MCSA, the organization has appreciated their support immensely. “It really is just an incredible experience seeing the community rally around a local nonprofit because they care about the people we serve,” said Leirness.

On their part, Calvary enjoys the opportunity to invest in the community and plans to continue this donation program well into the future. “Calvary feels honored to be the collection point for donations within our church family,” said Calvary Director of Operations Alissa Jirak. “We fully support the efforts of MCSA and hope to partner with them for many years to come!”