MCSA seeks volunteers for fifth annual fireworks fundraiser

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Since starting their now famous fireworks fundraiser in 2017, Muscatine Center for Social Action has brought in thousands of dollars to help those in need. This June, they look forward to bringing back this iconic event and encourage those looking for summer work or volunteer opportunities to consider helping out for this good cause.

In order to keep everything at the tent running smoothly, MCSA hires several tent leads. Open to anyone age 18 or older and ideal for college students home for the summer or school district staff interested in supplementing their income, leads help ensure the fundraiser goes well by overseeing volunteers and helping with the tent’s day to day operations, such as managing stock, helping customers find what they need and check out, and keeping track of the money brought in.

Along with lead staff members, the MCSA fireworks tent also needs many volunteers. A fun activity for families, sports teams or clubs, organizations, or businesses to get involved with, volunteers can enjoy helping with the sales process while also supporting a good cause.

Anyone interested in working or volunteering at the MCSA fireworks tent should contact Resource Development Officer Jennifer Leirness by calling 563-264-3278 or emailing [email protected]. Leirness requests anyone interested in workin reach out to her by June 15 and anyone interested in volunteering get in touch by June 17. She hopes many will consider filling these positions this summer. “Whether as a volunteer or an employee, there is an opportunity to spread the word about MCSA and what we do, while also spending time promoting a great cause.”

For those looking for fireworks to use in their own Fourth of July celebrations, the MCSA fireworks tent will open for business June 17 and stay open through July 5 with daily hours from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. As in years past, a portion of all sales will go to MCSA, in turn funding each of its different programs helping people overcome domestic violence, food insecurity, or housing insecurity. “Funds raised from the tent go directly toward serving our community members needing assistance,” stressed Leirness. “The funds support shelter, housing, and program needs to ensure that MCSA has the resources needed to provide housing, basic health care, education, and support.”

Even during the economic upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, MCSA’s fireworks tent fundraiser still did extremely well. Leirness reported, “Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a very successful year for MCSA at the tent. A grand total of $25,000 was raised thanks to our wonderful community.” That number shattered the 2019 record of $17,044 raised. This year, Leirness believes the tent can surpass the record and bring in even more funding to support all of MCSA’s work.

Whether you plan to put on a large fireworks show for your neighborhood, just want a few smoke bombs to amaze your kids with, or want to support MCSA as a volunteer or worker, their annual Fireworks Tent will have something for you. MCSA looks forward to getting the support of the community again and to having some summer fun in the process.