Ben Nietzel
Ben Nietzel
Ben Nietzel works as the principal of Saints Mary and Mathias Catholic School. He also enjoys coaching Muskie football and reviewing movies.

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Sonny Fisher (Kevin Hart) is a stay-at-home super dad who never has time for himself. When his wife and kids go away for the weekend, he’s given a chance to have some “me time” while reconnecting with his best friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg)

Con – An utter waste

“Me Time” is an absolute piece of garbage. It is an unbelievable waste of the film’s acting talent, the budget spent, and certainly the audience’s time. It might have been a lesser crime against humanity to take the money used to make this film and instead buy plastic specifically just to throw in the ocean rather than to set humanity and the arts back by creating this film.

Hart and Wahlberg are both funny guys with hilarious comedies to their name. That talent is completely wasted here. Hart’s character simply moves from scene to scene being subjected to emasculation after emasculation and indignity after indignity. The good news for Wahlberg is his character is so vanilla and uninteresting, it’s doubtful anyone will remember he was in this film two months from now. Given the star power and the CGI (which is horrible) there is no shortage of money spend on the film, and to think that this was the result is shameful.

Con – Frankenstein’s Monster

Perhaps the most fun part of suffering through this film is watching scenes and trying to figure out which funny movie each bit is stolen it from. “Old School,” “The Hangover,” “Mr. Mom,” “You, Me, and Dupree,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Neighbors,” and “Blockers” all get obviously plagiarized. One would assume with such a hilarious crib sheet “Me Time” might not be original, but it would have to at least be funny. Unfortunately, that assumption would be wrong. The film lacks consistency and feels like a series of unconnected set-pieces that simply don’t land. Most of the dialogue is simple and inane, and the film seems to think the only way it can get a laugh out of the audience is through the uncreative toilet humor. “Me Time” feels like a student copying the smart kid’s homework and still ending up with an F.

Con – No redemption

Worst of all, this film simply isn’t funny. None of the indignation suffered by Hart’s character throughout the movie lands as funny. Fart and poop jokes can only get you so far, and even those are not good. It’s an old trope in comedy to put people in zany situations, but this film creates such stupid and unbelievable situations, it elicits groans not laughs.

Further, the film tries to do some things with stereotype reversal, but even that stinks. Bulldozer dads are not any funnier or more likeable than bulldozer moms. Furthermore, Hart’s workaholic wife, Maya (Regina Hill) seems to get a pass even though what she’s doing in this film is poor behavior for a spouse and parent. Don Draper should have repercussions for his behavior, but then so should Dawn Draper.

“Me Time” has a great cast and a curiosity-peaking premise, and these two things might lead Netflix viewers to pop this film on during some down time. That would be a mistake. This movie is shallow, sneakily nihilistic, and worst of all, not funny. Everything this film has going for it is wasted. Do yourself a favor and head down the Fridley Palms Theater and watch literally anything else this weekend.

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