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    More Reasons to Get Moving: Muscatine Community Y Makes All Classes Free for Members

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    Always a popular place for people of all ages to get active, the Muscatine Community Y (the Y) has made some changes that will make it even more appealing. Beginning in 2020, all members may take group fitness classes for free.

    Nicole McCleary, Marketing and Fund Development Director for the Y, explained that the change came about by popular request. “It’s something that our members have been asking for. . .. Ultimately, it’s about getting them into the classes they want so they can live healthier.” Now, members can choose from a variety of different free classes to suit their needs, such as Boot Camp, group strength, indoor cycling (spinning), karate, yoga, and Zumba.

    While nonmembers will still need to pay for certain classes, McCleary shared that the Y has their member drive going on now, making this the best time to join. During the member drive, the Y waives membership processing fees, a savings of $25. In the spirit of the holidays, new members may also choose a package from the membership tree which will include a free gift. From a new water bottle or shirt, a day pass, Y gift cards, personal training sessions, or getting the twelfth month of membership free, these packages have many enticing items.

    An added benefit, any current Y members who refer a friend will receive a reward as well. For each member referred, current Y members will get a $25 check, which they will receive in mid-January. “I think everyone could use a little extra around the holidays and all the time. It’s our way of saying thank you for recommending us. Word of mouth is our best advertisement,” shared McCleary.

    Above all, McCleary hopes new members will take advantage of all the Y has to offer and establish good routines even before New Year’s resolutions kick in. She also anticipates all members getting more active by trying out free classes in 2020. “We want to see people use their membership. We want to see people in our building living healthier lives and making good decisions,” she emphasized.

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