MP&W’s first electric vehicle hits the road
by Muscatine Power and Water
June 19, 2020

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Muscatine Power and Water has a mission to educate the public on the value and advantages of electric vehicles. The Utility purchased its first all-electric vehicle, nicknamed EV-1. The bright green Chevrolet Bolt began making its rounds in Muscatine and Fruitland last week, and customers should look it over and ask questions when it stops in their neighborhoods. MP&W also will plan events and social media interactions to introduce “Evie” to their neighbors.

“It’ll be pretty hard to miss her,” said Paul Burback Energy Services Advisor: “We’ve put a flashy green graphic skin on her and one of our meter readers, David, will be using her on his rounds nearly every day. While he still has a job to do, he will take the time to engage with people when stopped in a safe location.”

For in-depth information about MP&W’s Chevy Bolt and electric vehicles in general, you may also contact Burback by phone at 563-262-3423 or by email at Additionally, you will find detailed information online at MPW. MP&W happily helps customers learn about electric vehicles, their advantages, costs, and impact.

“EV technology has come a long way,” said Burback, “and with MPW’s low residential electric rate, an electric vehicle makes a lot of sense. Gas prices continue to fluctuate, but the average MPW customer who drives 15,000 miles per year, can expect to pay just $350-400 per year in electricity to charge it. MPW will also be rolling out a local incentive program later this summer to help customers reduce the cost of going electric.”

He added that the size of your car’s battery and driving behaviors will influence this slightly, but most people should expect similar savings along with the cost of oil changes, oil filters, transmission fluid, and other maintenance common to gas engines. Burback also noted that a federal tax credit gives individuals 30% (up to $1,000) off residential charging equipment. Talk to a tax professional for information regarding this program.

Electric vehicle ownership has grown locally, and MP&W will install a publicly available charging station at its 3205 Cedar Street business office this summer. HNI Corporation recently made the charging stations at their HNI Headquarters and Allsteel Headquarters available to the public outside of normal business hours. Combined, those stations can charge up to eight vehicles simultaneously. For travelers concerned about charging access, the Department of Energy’s website lists locations throughout the United States at

Besides their cost savings, electric vehicles reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health, and reducing ecological damage. Electric vehicles typically produce fewer life cycle emissions than conventional vehicles because most electricity generation produces fewer emissions than burning gasoline or diesel.

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