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    Muscatine Community School District Hosts Curriculum Night

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    As the 2019-2020 school year begins, parents as well as students need time to adjust and get into the routines that will help them help their students. To make this transition easier for parents and to introduce them to what their children will learn in school this year, all six of Muscatine Community School District’s (MCSD’s) elementary schools hosted Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 5th. 

    Stephanie Zillig, principal of Madison Elementary School, shared that MCSD created Curriculum Night, “for parents to hear from the teachers what the curriculum for their child is, as well as attendance goals and preferred communication methods.” At each elementary school, teachers of specific grades walked parents through a brief twenty-minute presentation where they discussed what curriculum students would use in each subject, and what students would do with that curriculum. They also talked about how parents could help their student in each subject at home. Finally, they shared their attendance goals for the years, and informed parents of how to keep in touch with them and when they should reach out. Teachers also passed out simple at home math game kits, to give parents one more option for growing their students knowledge.  

    Overall, the district hoped that by holding a Curriculum Night, parents would feel empowered and know what they could do to support their children academically. As Zillig put it, “I’m really hoping [parents] will have a better idea of resources they can use to help their kids at home.” 

    To make Curriculum Night accessible to all families, each elementary school served a free meal to parents and children who attended. Volunteers from the Musser Public Library and each school also led fun literacy activities in the library of each school to provide free childcare, allowing parents to listen to presentations uninterrupted. Finally, each grade level gave their presentation at three times, accommodating parents with more than one child in elementary school or who had work. 

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