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    Muscatine FFA Banquet 2021 Honorees

    Muscatine Community School District
    Muscatine Community School District offers public education from three year old preschool through high school. The district prides itself on making all of its students success stories.

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    2020-2021 FFA Awards:

    • 9th Grade Star Greenhand Awards: Danika Garrett and Camden Furnas.
    • Bob Braun’s Most Active Awards:
      • 9th: Avery Schroeder, Grace Zorich, and Jenna Lovstad.
      • 10th:  Rebecca Potter, Nathan Sharar, Abby Linderman,  Emily King, and Bob Carver.
      • 11th: Grace Williams, Ava Daufeldt, Jaiden Schmelzer, and Belinda Brain.
      • 12th: Dailyn Garrett and McKenna Riess.
      • Overall Most Active: James Sprague.
    • Judd Leland Most Improved Award:
      • 9th: Owen Christy, Haley Boldt, and Leiah Castillo.
      • 10th: Ella Schroeder, Isabella Zigament, Brooklyn Wade, and Landin McCreary.
      • 11th: Anna Sharar, Grant Van Nice, Nyssa Brown, and Griffin Trego.
      • 12th: Brooklyn Horton, Azelyn Perkins, Tracy Folley Purviance, Sophie Crook, and Audrey Seibel.
      • Overall Most Improved: Alexis Moeller.
    • Outstanding Ag Mech. Students: Hunter Cochran, Hayden Anderson, Crew Schliesman, Mason Beatty, and Allen Newcomb.
    • Outstanding Forestry Students: Grant Van Nice and Alejandro Becerra.
    • Outstanding Horticulture Students: Rebecca Potter, Alyssa Hall, Jade Newberry Jones, Hanna Osborne, Elyse Reyna, and Logan Rinnert.
    • Scholastic Awards: Dakota Dahlke, Isabella Zigament, Medeline Fisher, McKenna Riess, Avery Schroder, Sawyer Zeck, Grace Zorich, Owen Christy, Jenna Lovstad, Landon Castle, Rebecca Haag, Grant Bode, Leah Cortez, Ava Daufelct, Audrey Seibel, James Sprague, Clarissa Lagunas-Juarez, Elexiana Olivia, Grant Rinnert, Levi Shuman, Gunner Brossart, Jaiden Schmelzer, Ciara Burkamper, Emily King, Abigail Linderman, Joel LaRue, Nathan Sharar, Ty Cozad, Tyler Wingerter, Kendall Burger, Dalton Logel, Ethan Brown, Anna Sharar, Gavin Hill, Brenden Schumaker, Alyssa Hall, Alyssa Sweat, Leiah Castillo, Sophia Moench, Rylee Pothoff, Creighton Carlson, Azelyn Perkins, Alexis Moeller, Dailyn Garrett, Hayley Riley, Sophie Crook, Hailey Schrier, Jocelyn Curtis, Kiya Dixon, Jackson Brendel, Crew Schliesman, Rebecca Potter, Hayden Curtis, Danika Garrett, and Jizzelle Powell.
    • Star Agribusiness Person: James Sprague.
    • Star Agri-Production Person: Nick Petersen, Hunter Meyer, and Jacob Draves.
    • Top Fruit Sales: Sophie Crook, JD Schmelzer, Jocelyn Curtis, Ethan Hausch, Jacob Mathes, Landin McCreary, Emily King, Ava Daufeldt, Leiah Castillo, Brenden Schumaker.


    • Alumni Scholarship: Nick Petersen and Jacob Draves.
    • Dave Fowler Leadership Scholarship: Dailyn Garrett.
    • LB Hoopes Scholarship: James Sprague.
    • Lyall Paul Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Moeller and McKenna Riess.
    • FFA Scholarships: Creighton Carlson, Mason Beatty, Hunter Meyer, Brooklyn Horton, Azelyn Perkins, Joselynn Jones, Sophie Crook, Crew Schliesman, Elyse Reyna, Logan Rinnert, Josh Diekman, Kendall Keith, Matthew Reisen, Audrey Seibel, Alejandro Becerra, Jade Newberry Jones, Alyssa Hall, Tracey Folley Purviance, and Anthony Martinez.

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