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    Muscatine High School Seniors Brighten Up Parking Lot with Painted Spaces

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    Looking for a unique way to help seniors celebrate their final year of high school, Muscatine High School (MHS) seniors Sydney Cox, Meg Manjoine, and Emily Nietzel came up with the idea of painting parking spots. Interested seniors could pay to reserve a parking spot and then paint a design of their choosing on it. Through their efforts, the girls made this dream a reality and have gussied up some of the parking areas at their school.

    Kenedy Heimerdinger, one of MHS’s student council advisors, shared that the three girls worked together to organize the project, present it to student council advisors, get it approved by their principal, and finally advertise it. Their process worked. After getting several parking spaces approved for painting in both the Bonnie and Cedar Street parking lots, the girls had fifteen seniors purchase spaces to paint, a big success for a new project.

    On October 13th and 22nd from 2:00-6:00 pm, seniors who reserved a spot came out to MHS and sketched out the design of their spot before getting approval to paint from student council advisors. From there, the seniors brought their masterpieces to life with paint, beautifying their part of the parking lot in the process.

    Now that seniors have finished painting their spots for this year, Heimerdinger anticipates this artistic idea becoming an annual tradition. “Many people are excited about this idea, and I look forward to seeing how much this can grow in the next few years at [MHS]! It gives a chance for underclassmen to work towards something, and for the seniors to have something personalized and creative their senior year,” she enthused.

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