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Muscatine High’s Nolan Recker earns first in state shotput

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MUSCATINE, Iowa, In seventh grade, Nolan Recker took an interest in shotput after hearing about his dad’s experiences with it. He gave it a try, and his curiosity led him to great places. He shared, “my dad threw in high school and told me about it, and I decided to try it one day and continued through high school.” At this year’s state meet, Recker’s years of dedication paid off and he earned first place in class 4A shotput, breaking both a personal and school record in the process.

After making it to the state meet to compete in both discus and shotput in 2021 and earning runner up in discus, Recker set his sights on returning to the state meet and placing this year. Throughout the season, Recker dedicated himself to improving his technique, the aspect of throwing he likes best.

At this year’s state tournament, Recker exceeded all expectations in shotput. To win the tournament, he threw the shotput an impressive 59 feet and nine inches, beating his previous personal best by three feet and breaking a school too.

Recker took pride in his accomplishment, as it allowed him to distinguish himself one last time as a member of the Muscatine High School track team. “My goal was to go to state and potentially win, and I accomplished that with shotput, and I’m happy with that,” he said. “As the last time throwing for Muscatine, it was nostalgic as well.”

Recker also felt glad to have one more chance to spend time with his track friends before graduating: “as a senior, just having a lot of other teammates was fun. I got to hang out with a lot of teammates.”

Over the past six years of his throwing career, Recker has most enjoyed, “just how technical it is–there’s always something to work on.”

Even so, he never lets attention to technique take away from the raw thrill of hefting the shotput or discus farther than his opponent. As he put it, “it’s also just fun to throw something as far as you can.”

Now that Recker has graduated from Muscatine High School, he plans to further both his education and sports career at Yale University. Recker will continue to compete on the track and field team in discus and shotput. Though he has not selected a specific major yet, he plans to focus his studies around science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) and to eventually enter a career related to those fields.

Though Recker graduated May 22 and has finished his time at Muscatine High School, he would like to see more students develop an interest in track and field and try out shotput and discus for themselves, just like he did in junior high school. For any younger kids looking to get into it, he suggests: “give it a try. Look up some YouTube videos on the technique, that’s really the most important part, and have fun with it!”

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