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Sunday, September 26, 2021

    Muscatine Salvation Army Welcomes Greg and Liz Bock

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    With Salvation Army Lieutenants Brooke and Christian Lopez off to serve at their new assignment in Topeka, Kansas, Lieutenants Liz and Greg Bock have come to take their places. As the couple begins their new work with the Salvation Army, they look forward to becoming a part of the Muscatine Community and to continuing and growing the work begun by those who came before them.

    Several years ago, Liz took a job as a minister at an Assembly of God church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. As they drove through town, Greg first expressed interest in working for the Salvation Army. After moving to Sheboygan, Greg applied to work at the local Salvation Army food bank. To his surprise, he did not get the job. To his even greater surprise, he heard from the Salvation Army two years later when they offered him a job managing their men’s sober living apartments.

    Greg found that he excelled in his new position. He connected well with the residents in the sober living apartments, and quickly developed strong working relationships with area law enforcement and county government. Impressed with his work, the Salvation Army promoted him to Sheboygan County Service Extension Director. A challenging position, Greg loved the job and getting to work firsthand on some of his community’s toughest problems. “I felt called to that ministry because it was so hands-on,” Greg shared.

    While working as Sheboygan County Service Extension Director, Greg decided he wanted to become a Salvation Army Officer. He approached Liz about the idea, and over the course of a year, she warmed to the idea. Ultimately, she decided, “the fact that we get to work together as a family,” would offer the best fit for all of them, and the pair began officer training. Because of their background in ministry, the Salvation Army fast tracked their training process, shortening their internship in Flint, Michigan, from two years to only eight months. Once they finished their training, the Bocks received their assignment to Muscatine.

    Now that the Bocks, along with their three children, have arrived in Muscatine, they look forward to joining the community and beginning their work here. “We are so excited,” said Liz. “It’s the perfect size community.” As people who grew up in smaller towns, Muscatine will soon feel like home. A history buff at heart, Greg also looks forward to learning about Muscatine’s past and discovering how the city grew and changed over the years.

    Most importantly though, the Bocks look forward to fully integrating into local life so that they can help the community in ways it will truly benefit from. “What I’m looking forward to most is not just helping the community, but being a part of the community,” stated Gregg.

    With a good foundation laid by their previous work in ministry and service, and strong Salvation Army programs already in action here in Muscatine, the Bocks feel poised to keep helping the Muscatine Salvation Army to do the most good here in our community. As they continue to settle into their new home, people from across Muscatine will surely extend them a warm welcome and help them to accomplish their goals over the next several years.

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