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    Muscatine Table Tennis Club Welcomes New Members at New Location

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    Early in 2019, Glad Chang, owner of the Sino US Friendship Center, helped form the Muscatine Table Tennis Club (MTTC). A popular competitive sport in China enjoyed by many in the US, Chang felt the club could help bring people from both countries together. With some generously donated tables and help from Scott Phelps of Melon City Renovation, the MTTC came to life. Players attended practices regularly, enjoying sharpening their skills through friendly competitions.

    As more and more groups began setting up their enterprises in the Sino US Friendship Center, Chang and the MTTC decided everyone would benefit from the club having its own space. The club found an available storefront in the Muscatine Mall (three doors down from the old indoor JC Penny’s entrance) and moved there at the end of November.

    Since moving in, the MTTC has worked hard to make the perfect space for playing table tennis. The group purchased four tournament quality tables and believes they can fit in a fifth if necessary. Phelps has stepped up to sponsor the group by making renovations to the MTTC’s new home. Soon, he hopes to finish updating and repainting their location, giving it a completely new look and feel.

    The MTTC now holds open hours on Tuesdays and Thursday from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm and Sundays from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Each session costs $3 for unlimited play.

    Whatever your skill level or age, MTTC member Dave Abbott encourages you to come play. “We’re glad to help anyone” he emphasized. “If someone wants to come down and play for fun they can, or if they want to improve and get some tips, we can do that too.”

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