Muskie Baseball Academy Prepares Young Players for Future Success

Whitney Phelps and her son, along with Jenny Wade sharing exciting news about the Muskie Baseball Academy on Hy-Vee Today with Tony Tone.

Though a good high school baseball player can make the sport look effortless, it takes kids many years of practice to attain that level of skill. To help young players begin this process, the Muskie Baseball Academy has partnered with Muscatine High School Head Baseball Coach Grant Pippert to ensure eager young players have what it takes to succeed once they reach the high school level.

Jenny Wade, President of the Muskie Baseball Academy shared that the program first began to develop three years ago, as parents looked for a more streamlined way for kids to advance their baseball skills. Building on the idea that youth teams needed to work together with the high school, and on the openness of Pippert to help, the Muskie Baseball Academy came into its own.

With tryouts completed for next season, the Muskie Baseball Academy looks forward to starting weekly practices in mid to late August. Though a big commitment for players and parents alike, Whitney Phelps, a Muskie Baseball Academy board member, says the camaraderie the program builds and the opportunities it gives kids make it worth it each season. “What we’ve found is it doesn’t feel like commitment when it’s something you value, and when you see your kids thrive and have fun.”

As the Muskie Baseball Academy continues to connect with the community and provide unparalleled opportunities, it will keep providing outstanding opportunities for Muscatine’s young athletes.