Muskie Madness blood drive to benefit ImpactLife and schools
by Margaret Hurlbert
February 24, 2023

MUSCATINE, Iowa–As a teacher at Madison Elementary School and member of the ImpactLife Quad Cities Associate Board, Olivia Foglesong wanted to find a way both to support Muscatine’s local blood center and its larger regional network and to introduce younger generations to the importance of donating blood. This spring, the board came up with the idea to hold the first ever Muskie Madness challenge, accomplishing both goals. Foglesong shared: “the idea was to build relationships with other businesses and members of the community. Our school is a very important part of our
community, and the drive can also be a way to teach our students about blood donation.” Scheduled to run from March 15 through April 15, Muskie Madness promises to benefit both ImpactLife and the participating schools.

All six of Muscatine Community School District’s elementary schools as well as the Muskie Early Learning Center will participate in the Muskie Madness drive. Anyone age 17 and up, or 16 with parental permission, may donate to support the school of their choice. When people arrive at ImpactLife at 2604 Second Avenue Suite Six in Muscatine, they simply need to provide the code for the school the choose to support to have it counted. ImpactLife has provided the following codes, and will have the list of them available at the blood center:

  • Muscatine Early Learning Center: 4941
  • Madison Elementary School: 4942
  • Grant Elementary School: 4943
  • Mulberry Elementary School: 4944
  • Jefferson Elementary School: 4945
  • McKinley Elementary School: 4946
  • Franklin Elementary School: 4947
A Muscatine High School staff member donating to the recent Micaela Brunson Memorial Blood Drive. Photo courtesy Muscatine Community School District.

Each donation to ImpactLife will provide many benefits to the hospitals they serve, ensuring the region has enough blood of different types to meet the needs of people in serious accidents and those with medical conditions that require blood transfusions. In turn, the drive will assist the participating schools. Each school that has at least 20 people make donations using their code will receive a gift of $270. Schools may choose to put the money towards purchasing needed equipment or donate it to a non-profit organization of their choice.

Foglesong would like to see each building meet the 20 donation mark, as it will make a tremendous difference in the community: “our goal is that each of our buildings are able to get 20 individuals to donate. That would be a total of 140 donations, which can save up to 420 lives.”

Unlike a traditional blood drive that takes place on a specific day, people who would like to donate may make an appointment to do so anytime between March 15 and April 15. People may make appointments either online or by calling 800-747-5401.

A clever way to introduce students to the importance of blood donation and to help both ImpactLife and seven Muscatine Community School District schools, Foglesong hopes many people roll up their sleeves and donate to Muskie Madness. “I would encourage others to participate in this drive because we want our youth to be educated about the importance of blood donation while we support our community,” she emphasized.

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