My stay-cation plans

If you were planning a stay-cation in Muscatine with family coming to visit, what would be included on your list of things to do? There are so many things that I haven’t gotten the chance to do with them yet in past visits, and I need a game plan.

The weather is going to be beautiful, so we will be visiting the Good Makers Market on Saturday morning to enjoy a bunch of local makers, and then I will have to find a way to sneak the items in one by one so my husband doesn’t realize how much amazing-ness I come home with.

Another thing on my list is a walk on the riverfront, followed by dinner at Skinny’s BBQ (on the patio of course) and, wait for it, Pearl City Popcorn for ice cream and to let the littles (and the littles at heart) pick out a bag of their super fun and fresh flavor choices.

Also, we must visit the National Pearl Button Museum and grab a little Muscatine memorabilia after having breakfast at Riverside Diner. Have you seen their pancakes? They are bigger than my head and delish.

We are so lucky to have some amazing scenery and businesses to choose from. The rest I will have to save until next time.