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Office Sought: Board of Supervisors – District 4

Political Party: Republican

Candidate email address: [email protected]

Candidate Website:

Campaign Committee: Team Mather

Educational Background

NameCityStateYearsDiploma/Degree Earned
New York University School of LawNew YorkNew York2001-2004J.D.
Northwestern UniversityEvanstonIllinois1996-2000B.A., Philosophy
Maximilian Kolbe GymnasiumCologneGermany1995-1996n/a (Exchange Student)
Muscatine High SchoolMuscatineIowa1991-1995H.S. Diploma

Employment History

EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd DateBrief Job Description
Stanley, Lande & Hunter, P.C.Attorney2019PresentAttorney
Allison & Mather, P.C.Attorney20162019Attorney
Nepple Law, PLCAttorney20092015Attorney
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLPAttorney20062009Attorney
Putney, Twombly, Hall & Hirson LLPAttorney20042006Attorney

Why are you running for election?

I’m running because I want to help enrich the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. The board of supervisors isn’t about glamour or glory; it’s about working together with all kinds of people to provide effective, efficient, and empathetic government. I want to do my part.

What are the 3 most important issues facing your office over the next term?

IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue?
We are suffering through an affordable housing crisis.Good homes are getting more expensive and harder to find. Rents increase faster than wages. Families can’t find decent places to live. Thousands of people work here but don’t live here. We must do everything possible to reduce housing costs and increase the supply of quality homes.We can improve access to affordable housing by (1) cutting through red tape to make building and restoring homes simpler and quicker, (2) expanding incentives for creating and maintaining affordable homes, and (3) partnering with local and regional groups to explore what has worked in for other communities.
We must work together to protect the public’s physical and mental health.As the COVID pandemic continues to dominate our everyday lives, our physical and mental health are suffering. Depression, alcoholism, domestic abuse, and even suicide rates are climbing steadily. Behind the coronavirus is another public health crisis – one we must recognize and address it before it’s too late.We must continue expanding public health services to the most vulnerable, especially using telehealth and other newly available services. The county must team up with city officials, schools, businesses, and community leaders so we are all using the same playbook. Encourage recovery while protecting people.
We have been blessed with abundant resources. It is essential to balance our use and conservation of those resources.The derecho practically shouted a reminder that no matter how advanced we become, we are still a part of the natural world and we live at its mercy. We must sustain it so that it can sustain us.50 words barely scratches the surface! Strengthening the levee, collaborating to improve water quality, encouraging beneficial innovation in agriculture, conserving wetlands, greener buildings, developing parks and amenities, careful land-use planning, increasing use of renewable energy, more efficient use of county vehicles, planting trees on county land, and much more.

What are the 3 most important issues facing Muscatine County over the next term?

IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue? (if applicable)
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world. Many of those changes will be permanent. The most immediate test for Muscatine County will be to learn to live and succeed in the new normal.Beyond the immediate public health challenge looms a financial threat. Many have lost a job or are working fewer hours. Our social safety net will be stretched by budget cuts and lower revenues. We have much to rebuild before we can declare victory over this virus.Government cannot solve this problem. Only we the people can. Families are picking up the pieces. Small businesses are springing up to meet newly discovered needs. Our leaders must understand. They must make sure government helps when it can – and stays out of our way when it cannot.
We must restore public trust and unity.I lived in New York on 9/11. Despite the terror and tragedy, we were all united that day. The outpouring of love, compassion, and human kindness was unlike anything before or since. Sadly, we have become obsessed with what divides us, and our nation is tearing itself apart.We must lead by example. We must work together regardless of differing religion, color, or party. We must pursue peace. We must oppose violence. We must recognize each other as fellow humans and not assume the worst of one another. We must remember how to give and receive grace.
Even though our world has gone crazy, Muscatine County is still a great place to live. We have so many things going for us. We need to build on that momentum.We stand astride one of the world’s mightiest rivers, we boast the world’s best farmland, and we have the world’s most beautiful sunsets. But our greatest asset is our people. Our best days lie ahead, and we will be a shining example of what can be accomplished together.We reach this future by caring for the people of Muscatine County. Our continuing public and mental health initiatives promote happy, successful living. Our efficient, unobtrusive government protects personal freedom and initiative. Our commitment to peace and unity will nurture our county’s prosperity well into the future.

What is the most important thing you would like voters to know about you that they may not?

This county is full of honest, hard-working, and intelligent  people.  I once thought leaders must have all the answers. But supervisors must trust and rely on others. No leader has every answer. Our job is to bring together those who do and put their best ideas into practice.

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