Nichols City Council approves seeking grants for sewer work

Dec. 9, the Nichols City Council voted to allow V&K to seek grants for the sewer renovation project. (File Photo)

NICHOLS, Iowa–For the past two months, the Nichols City Council has received information about the sewer renovation they plan to undertake. On Dec. 11, they voted unanimously to allow V&K, the company that will oversee the work, to move forward with seeking out grants for the project. Though they have approved seeking funding, the council still has the ability to request modification to building plans in the future.

Initially, V&K will apply for a Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In order to apply for this grant, Nichols must first conduct a survey to determine that their city demographics meet the low and moderate income guidelines the grant requires. The council discussed mailing a survey to each adult resident in the city or sending out a randomized sample. They plan to make a final decision at an upcoming council meeting.

Because they will need time to do the survey, they will not apply for their CDBG grant until April. However, Treasurer Aeneas Schmitz believed talking about it ahead of time would give them an advantage, “we know what to do now and we’ll be ahead of the game in April,” he stated.

In other news, the Nichols Volunteer Fire Department plans to start work on a project to purchase three new pagers, gloves, a leaf blower, fire brooms, and additional small equipment for the department. To help fund these items, the department applied for a $1,475 matching grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

When the Council reconvenes in January, they will hold a budget session ahead of their regularly scheduled meeting. They also plan to include a presentation from the West Liberty Public Library explaining new services the library offers and explaining why their library support fee will rise in the coming fiscal year.