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Nichols City Council Moves Forward with City Rock

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By Margaret Stadtwald

NICHOLS, Iowa—After more than a year of discussion, the Nichols City Council unanimously voted to move forward with installing their third and final city rock in front of city hall.

Several years ago, the City of Nichols purchased several decorative rocks and had them engraved to serve as signs welcoming visitors to town. They planned to place the third rock in front of city hall to replace a recently removed tree. However, the rock did not get placed at that time.

Recently, new Nichols Mayor Linsey Reimers viewed the city rock in storage and found it somewhat chipped. However, she believes that when it gets sanded down for engraving that it may look as good as the other two. Additionally, she shared that she researched the price of purchasing a new rock from the same source and that it would only cost the Council $100-$200 more to get a new one. Members of the council agreed that if the old rock proves unusable that they will gladly purchase a new rock that will match better.

The Nichols City Council gave some discussion to the design of the city rock for city hall. After Reimers previewed some new designs that she came up with, the Council concluded that they would stick with the original design so that all three rocks throughout town will match. In total, the cost to engrave the rock will cost $500.

Because of the size of the city rock, the Council decided that creating some sort of footing for it in front of city hall made the most sense. Depending on the location they choose, they may also need to remove the tree stump from the old tree formerly in front of city hall. In any case, Reimers and the rest of the Council intend to have the space for the city rock ready this spring so they can have it engraved and installed once the weather gets warmer.

Along with discussion of how to move forward with the city rock, the Council also discussed adding new signage to the park with operating hours and possibly replacing an old sign near one of the city’s other rocks. So far, the Council has not announced a timeline for sign replacement. All these changes combined will help the Council continue to beautify Nichols and keep the city attractive and welcoming for all.

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