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Monday, September 27, 2021

    Nichols City Council Swears in New Council and Mayor

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    For the first time in eight years, the City of Nichols will have a new mayor. At their December 11th meeting, the Nichols City Council (the Council) officially swore in Linsey Reimers as the City’s new mayor.

    An active community member, Reimers shared she has had interest in becoming mayor for a long time. Though she planned to serve on the Council first, when the previous mayor, Cyle Gertz, announced that he would not seek reelection she decided to run. “I’ve always wanted to be mayor,” she stated. “I never thought I would be mayor so soon . . . but the opportunity presented itself and I went for it.”

    As Lunch Supervisor for Louisa-Muscatine Community School District, Reimers believes she has the experience to lead the City of Nichols well. From completing state paperwork on time, to managing a staff, to making hiring and firing decisions, many of the skills Reimers already has will help her in her new role.

    When Reimers’s term as mayor officially begins in January, she looks forward to all aspects of the job. “I’m just excited about everything and what we can do in two years,” she said.

    After the Council had sworn in Reimers, Gertz welcomed her as mayor and thanked the Council for the experience of working with them. “It’s been a fun eight years,” he reminisced. He also congratulated the Council on their greater diversity and looks forward to seeing how they will move Nichols forward.

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