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    Nichols Prepares for Outdoor Summer Entertainment

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    As the summer months draw on, the Nichols City Council (the Council) continues to move forward on their plans to improve their local parks. These needed updates will ensure Nichols’ residents can safely enjoy all the city’s outdoor areas and ready these spaces for major outdoor activities.

    In June, the employees and customers at Newt’s Cafe raised just over $102 to add to the playground fund. This money, along with money approved by the Council, will go towards a variety of improvements and updates at both of Nichols’ public parks.

    Over the last month, Council Member J. J. Hudson inspected both parks. During those inspections, he identified what pieces of play equipment and outdoor furniture (such as grills) needed removing, what needs repairing, and what would benefit from replacement. In particular, he recommends removing all of the worn-out items in Nichols’ smaller park and replacing its swings. Based on a request by a neighbor, he also suggested checking the electrical wiring of the park’s security lights. At the larger Memorial Park, Hudson recommended making swing repairs and possibly replacing some of its other play structures. To conclude his report, Hudson shared with other Council Members the quotes he found on buying new swing parts and other playground supplies.

    At this time, the Council has decided to move forward with figuring out how to best remove the dilapidated items at each park, and to order and install new swings across the city. They will continue the process of updating both parks as the summer progresses.

    Weather permitting, the Council will likely have their initial park improvements done by early August. This will not only benefit kids enjoying their last few weeks off school but will also help get Memorial Park ready for West Liberty’s Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre’s August 17th Summer Neighborhood Performance of “The Great Election.” Thanks to a generous donation by Lee Geertz, residents can attend this enjoyable puppet show, suitable for ages five and up, for free. A timely introduction to how elections work, participants will get to participate in a mock election led by a whimsical cast of animal characters sure to both entertain and inform.

    The remainder of the summer has many positive things in store for Nichols. Thanks to the work of the Council to restore area parks, everyone will have a better environment in which to enjoy outdoor activities.

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