Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine is a community-wide, county-wide charitable organization actively working to improve the quality of life in Muscatine County through philanthropy. For more information about applying for grants or establishing your own fund for granting purposes, call the Community Foundation at 563-264-3863 or visit the website at

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MUSCATINE, Iowa–Over $1,000,000 in scholarships have been awarded to Columbus Community, Louisa-Muscatine, Muscatine, Wapello, West Liberty, and Wilton High Schools’ graduates and Muscatine Community College students.

The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, and its affiliate, the Community Foundation of Louisa County, awarded over $600,000 in scholarships through funds established by donors to support post-secondary education. Muscatine Community College Foundation and other local donors also awarded additional scholarships in partnership with the Community Foundation.

Scholarships were awarded in varying amounts, from $500 one-time awards up to $20,000 four-year awards. Scholarships were also awarded for a variety of post-secondary options including bachelors or associate degrees, certificate programs, and trade training. “Paying for college is really daunting, but with the money awarded to me from scholarships it really makes me feel like it’s something that is feasible,” said Leah Frantz, a Muscatine High School graduate.

Scholarships awarded through the generosity of donors who established funds at the Community Foundation and the award recipients for each school are listed below.

Columbus Community High School:

  • Lisle (Doc) and Jeanette Luithly Scholarship: Libby White

Louisa-Muscatine High School:

  • Francis and Patricia Carroll Scholarship: Evan Lawrence
  • Math ACT Achievement Scholarship: Brynn Jeambey
  • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Scholarship: McKenna Hohenadel
  • Schlutz Future of Agriculture Scholarship: Brelynn Randall and Victoria Briggs
  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: McKenna Hohenadel
  • Toyota of Muscatine Scholarship: Brynn Jeambey

Muscatine High School:

  • Bernadette M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Spencer Kilburn, Allyson Franke, Katharina Scholze, and Bree Seaman
  • Brant W. Bruhn Memorial Scholarship: Logan Wolf and Meredith Connor
  • Bruce C. Heezen Memorial Scholarship: Aidan See, Lauren Michaelsen, Fernando Carrillo, Jesenia Pesina, Carson Cooper, and Jaden Houghton
  • Carver Excellence in Education – 12th Grade: Nalani Burback, Fernando Carrillo, Jared Castro, Conner Christiansen, Austin Coca, Hanna Cole, Olga Colmenero-Carrillo, Jayden Dillie, Malachi Ellis, Isabella Enriquez, Arlinda Gjocaj, Ashtan Hodges, Keaira Lick, Jaime Jose Martinez, Elizabeth Mireles, Jesenia Pesina, Kelvin Cabrera Rosa, Kathleen Delgado Villatoro, Ruth Wonten, and Emma Yerington
  • Carver Excellence in Education – 8th Grade: Mallory Bruhn, Alex Houck, Hadley Hines, Alexzandria Fowler, Chevelle Rider, Bryan Cabrera-Rosa, Jasmin Perez, Kenda Bueno, Montse Cruz, and D’anna Peniston
  • Charles and Norma Lewis Scholarship (new in 2022): Jaiden Schmelzer, Ava Daufeldt, Griffin Trego, and Grant Bode
  • Clare Scherrer Scholarship (new in 2022): Nolan Recker
  • Class of 1953 Scholarship: Camryn Orr
  • Class of 1956 Scholarship: Samuel Gordon
  • Class of 1974 Scholarship: Darby Lake
  • Class of 1984 Scholarship: Mya Jansen
  • Dianne R. Dalbey Memorial Scholarship: Esmeralda Mulgado and Paige Mathias
  • Diwan-Nadkarni Charitable Scholarship: Paige Mathias
  • Donald and Dorothy Platt Scholarship: Emma Yerington
  • John A Watson Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Storr
  • Russell N. Ward Scholarship: Jakob Cole
  • Ed Ware Memorial Scholarship: Mya Jansen
  • Elaine May YMCA Scholarship: Abigail Lear
  • Elvira Trevarthen Scholarship: Genevieve Millage
  • Flickinger Learning Center Endowed Scholarship: Erabella Ross
  • Fosholt Scholarship in Engineering or Architecture: Andrew Heim
  • Gerald Garvin Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Smothers
  • Graciela (Coca) V. Page Memorial Scholarship: Kathleen Delgado Villatoro and Katherine Hernandez
  • Hall of Honor Scholarship: Abigail Stamler, Jakob Cole, Michael Spies, Kiley Randoll, and Eric Chen
  • Harold & Corrine Marx Scholarship: Kaden Fisher, Zoe Krenz, Jacob Paulsen, Kailee VanAcker, Scout Schmelzer
  • J. Heinz Scholarship: Keira Kreuzenstein
  • Illeen M. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Mykenah Pothoff, Jayden Dillie, and Paige Mathias
  • Jean Lettenberger Scholarship: Karena Jensen
  • Jeanette Phillips Crossroads Scholarship: Samantha Rada
  • Jeff Tank MHS Girls Basketball Memorial Scholarship: Ashlyn McGinnis and Grace Bode
  • Jefferson Elementary Culture Fair Scholarship (new in 2022): Carter Costas
  • Jill Moravec Memorial Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Karena Jensen
  • Jim and Arlene Kaeding Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Storr
  • John A. Wojtecki, Ph.D. Scholarship: Kathleen Delgado Villatoro
  • Julia Wojtecki Memorial Scholarship: Eric Chen
  • Kathy J. Brooker-Decker Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Storr
  • Kevin K. Birkhofer STEM Scholarship: Laura Comstock
  • Krieger Food and Nutrition Scholarship: Paige Mathias
  • Krieger Technical Scholarship: Conner Christiansen
  • Larry Fullington Memorial Scholarship: Leah Frantz
  • Marie C. Ruthenberg Memorial Scholarship: Spencer Kilburn
  • Matthew B. Seligman Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Armstrong, Brenden Schumaker, Ethan Cantrell, Caleb Shield, Caleb Trosen, Emilio Bobay, Nolan Recker, and Silas Hoffman
  • Maurice & Donna Reed Scholarship: Bayley Hawkins
  • Max A. Collins, Sr. Scholarship: Andrew Heim
  • Mente Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship: Grace Bode
  • Micaela L. Brunson Memorial Scholarship: Douglas Custis, Kiley Randoll, and Taylor Lewandowski
  • Muscatine Band Boosters Scholarship: Kimberly Frisbie
  • Muscatine Community School Foundation Community Service/Volunteer Scholarship: Ruthellen Brooks and Paige Mathias
  • Muscatine Community School Foundation General Scholarship: Hailey Schrier and Lindsey Cox
  • Muscatine County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Ralph L. Kirchner Memorial Scholarship: Anna Sharar, Ava Daufeldt, and Belinda Brain
  • Muscatine Youth Girls BasketballKarly Ricketts, Sophia Thomas, Ashlyn McGinnis, and Grace Bode
  • Patricia Coss Memorial Scholarship: Ruthellen Brooks
  • Paul C. Rohling Memorial Scholarship: Anna Sharar, Grace Williams, and Scout Schmelzer
  • Roach Open Scholar: Emmy Holthe and Ella Brewer
  • Roach Business Scholar: Addyson Randleman
  • Robert Nietzel Scholarship: Ella Brewer
  • Robert P. Herwig Scholarship: Kathryn Manjoine
  • Robert W. and Dorothy M. Toborg Scholarship: Douglas Custis and Grace Bode
  • Ronald D. and Marilyn A. Sturms Endowed Scholarship (new in 2022): Leah Frantz
  • Ruth Scholarship: Jakob Cole
  • Shilah A. Buchele Lindle Memorial Scholarship: Emmy Holthe
  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Sophia Thomas, Caleb Trosen, Karena Jensen, and Silas Hoffman
  • The Virginia Lorimor Girls’ Cross Country, Track and Field Memorial Scholarship: Ella Brewer
  • Theodora Zorich Memorial Scholarship: Spencer Kilburn
  • Toyota of Muscatine Scholarship: Madelyn Heather
  • Trueman H., Lucille V., and T. Patrick Wigim Scholarship: Nariah Einfeldt, Kaylynn Bynum, Indiana Stephens, Kimberly Frisbie, Nolan Recker, and Carson Lary
  • Wulf Family Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Helen P. Wulf: Paige Mathias

Wapello High School:

  • Don and Donna Williams Scholarship: Brendan McIntyre, Emma Schoonover, and Emmalee Lanz
  • Edwin R. Hicklin Memorial Scholarship: Lindsy Massner, Allison Brotherton, and Emma Schoonover

Wilton High School:

  • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship: Carly Puffer, Kailee Martin, Mallory Lange, Alexa Garvin, Madelyn Wade, Dylan Longlett, Jacob Garcia, Nolan Townsend, Gage Oien, Peyton Souhrada, Anna Marine, Ella Caffery, Mason Ormsby, Kelsey Drake, Joshua Garvin, Lucas DuRocher and Joann Martin
  • Frank and Carrie Townsend and Ruth Townsend Scholarship – Vocational/Technical /Trade: Ryan Cerveny, Jackson Hull, and Abram Jirak
  • Grimm and Pennington Family Scholarship: Dylan Longlett
  • Temp Associates and RJK, Inc. Scholarship: Jackson Hull
  • Whetstine Family Scholarship: Dylan Longlett and Anna Marine

These scholarship awards are made possible by donors and scholarship fund holders. For more information about establishing your own scholarship fund or donating, call the Community Foundation office at 563-264-3863 or its website,

Muscatine Community College Foundation scholarship applications are still being accepted for the 2022-2023 academic year. For more information, contact Lisa Wiegel at [email protected].

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