Patience Is Truly a Virtue
by Tony Tone
August 31, 2019

School officially started last Monday, August 26th, here in Muscatine and the surrounding communities throughout the county. You probably noticed the increase in traffic on the streets, children walking, and, in Muscatine, some construction projects continuing. 

McKinley Elementary school in particular is being added onto, and from what I’ve heard, that should be completed by the end of December. Keep in mind that we do indeed live in Iowa, and the weather is likely to change at any minute.

With a large-scale construction project (like the aforementioned one) taking place, I think it is important for those with children enrolled to exercise some patience. I was told that several parents had choice words for the staff regarding the drop off/pick up process. Maybe give it more than a couple of days before complaining?

I understand that it is a process getting children ready and out the door to school in the morning. I also understand how we all have places to go, like to work, and that we want a smooth process. Let’s just all agree that things will improve!

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.” That quotation really hits home with me. How many times in my thirty-five years (soon to be thirty-six; my birthday is this Thursday, September 5th) have I chosen to react versus being patient and taking a minute to process things?

In my house, we have to get two of our children out the door to two different schools, all before 8:00 am, so I completely understand the need for things to happen in a timely manner. Life is hectic, and time only goes by faster as we get older, and that is when our patience is put to the test.

Admittedly, I have been personally working on being a more patient person. Things that have helped me along my own journey are learning to always think before I speak and to be an active listener.

You see, I think part of being a patient person is making sure you’re paying attention to what others are saying. Listening is something I am proud to tell you I’m good at. Maybe it stems from having spent over eleven years of my working life wearing headphones while I was on the radio. I was forced to be able to multitask but to keep listening and not missing anything.

The same could be said for when we experience things that anger us. In 2019 the ‘knee jerk’ reaction is often to jump on social media and complain about it. I would advise practicing patience and trying to resolve the issue with folks face to face, over the phone, or perhaps a direct message on social media.

We find ourselves in the first week of September, and unless another ‘polar vortex’ shows up, school will be in session through the end of May 2020. My plan is to personally keep working on being a patient person and to keep doing my best to spread kindness.

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