Payments issued regarding GPC Settlement

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Settlement payments in the Freeman vs. Grain Processing Corporation lawsuit will begin mailing out after Sept. 30, according to a statement issued by Grain Processing Corporation.

The statement outlined that Rust Consulting, which has handled all claim administration, including issuing notices, reviewing, approving, and denying claims, and overseeing appeals, under the supervision of the Iowa District Court, will issue the settlement payments. They will begin sending them out by mail to people with approved claims after Sept. 30.

First filed in 2012, Freeman Vs. Grain Processing Corporation alleged that emissions from Grain Processing Corporation’s facilities, caused by outdated equipment they failed to replace, caused pollution that resulted in loss of use and enjoyment of their properties. After two appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court, the class action case proceeded and District Court Judge John Teleen found in favor of the plaintiffs. In Feb. 2019, he ruled Grain Processing Corporation must pay out $45 million, divided between individual settlements and pollution control upgrades.

In their statement, Grain Processing corporation stated they had dedicated $2 million from the settlement towards community service projects. They also stated they would spend $6.5 million outside of the settlement on additional pollution controls on their equipment.