Pearl of Muscatine: Dick Maeglin

A Muscatine native and resident all his life, Dick Maeglin dedicated himself to improving the community he loved.

After graduating from Muscatine High School, Maeglin attended Drake University. Upon completing his bachelors degree, and marrying his wife, Cynthia, he went into business at his family’s insurance agency. Maeglin enjoyed the work and found great success at it. This success allowed him to travel extensively, gaining knowledge of the world outside of Muscatine, and to put aside a significant amount of money for charitable work.

Paul Carroll, a former employee of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, who worked with Maeglin on several projects, said that in everything Maeglin did, “he had a vision for community work,” and wanted to foster, “ongoing community conversation.” In 1991, Maeglin founded the Muscatine Center for Strategic Action, later renamed the Muscatine Center for Social Action. The organization continues to assist people in need to this day.

Still hoping to do more, Maeglin later helped the Flickinger Learning Center acquire a building of their own, allowing them to provide after school academic assistance to more children regardless of their income. He also made generous donations to Pearl City Outreach and offered support to a whole class of Franklin elementary fifth graders for years.

Maeglin’s championing of so many causes came from his great concern for others and his love for his hometown. Carroll recalls him emphasizing, “you owe it to everyone to share your fortune to make life better for others.”

Carroll also found that Maeglin’s experiences with the ups and downs of the business world led him to help those in need. Maeglin helped found Community Bank and Trust in the 1980’s. Its start proved challenging and costly for Maeglin. Though he rebounded, running a successful warehouse business for a number of years, he never forgot how anyone can experience difficult situations. “Part of his appreciation for everyone came from his experience of the rise and fall of business,” reflected Carroll. “He had a real humility.”

As long as he lived, Maeglin continued to champion positive community development in Muscatine, never ceasing to support growth in his hometown.