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Margaret Hurlbert
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Growing up in Muscatine, Jennifer Haag loved playing softball. After playing throughout her childhood and later for Muscatine High School, she worked her way up and played in college as well, both for Muscatine Community College and Saint Ambrose University. As a child, she also realized she wanted to teach when she grew up. “My parents had some friends that where teachers and they always had a lot of energy and I loved being around kids,” she recalls. Now, a softball coach for the Muskies and a teacher with Muscatine Community School District, Haag gets to pursue all her passions and help her community in the process.

In 1998, Haag began coaching for the Muskies softball program, staying with them until her three children needed more of her time. They did not stop her for long though. When her oldest daughter began playing travel softball, Haag returned to coaching, and started coaching for the Muskies again in 2013. Now, with the team (and her daughter) preparing to head off to the state tournament, she feels very proud of the team and their accomplishments. “It’s so rewarding,” she said.

Haag has also taught throughout Muscatine Community School District for the past 22 years, inspiring and assisting kids of all ages. after teaching special education at Muscatine High School for seven years, she spent 11 years teaching first grade at Mulberry Elementary, where she now teaches third grade. “I love seeing kids faces light up when they learn new concepts,” she shared. “They just love soaking up anything you tell them.”

Having lived in Muscatine her whole life, Haag values both the size of the town and its dedication to giving children bright futures. “I enjoy the small community,” she stated. “We’re not too far from the Quad Cities, and we can still get from place to place easily.”

“We have a lot of committed teachers, administrators, and coaches,” she added. Haag also enjoys the way people always come together to help anyone who needs it. As a committed teacher and coach herself, Haag has positively influenced many children herself and helped set an example of helping others.

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