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    Pearl of Muscatine: Jordan Lloyd

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–Growing up in Illinois City, Jordan Lloyd found that even as a kid, she spent at least as much, if not more of her time, in Muscatine. “Both of my parents worked in Muscatine and growing up, Muscatine was closer than anywhere else, so it was always our go to place–I remember going to the Muscatine high school show choir camps, MCC softball clinics and games, and dance lessons in town,” she recalls.

    Following her graduation from Western Illinois University with a bachelors degree in marketing and communication, Lloyd took a job as a behavior technician supporting children with Autism and also started her own photography business on the side, which she continues to run to this day. Through several family portrait sessions, Lloyd got to know Megan Francis, who at the time worked as the marketing director for Sunnybrook of Muscatine. When Francis accepted a new position as the interim deputy director of Vision 2020, she reached out to Lloyd and encouraged her to apply for her old position.

    Lloyd welcomed the opportunity. Previously, her grandfather had lived at Sunnybrook, and Lloyd liked the idea of assisting older adults. After applying for and accepting the position of marketing director for Sunnybrook, Lloyd has formed a deep bond with the many residents she works with each day. “Getting to know each resident (that we are so lucky to have here), learn about their past, their likes and dislikes, listen to their stories, learn from their life lessons, and just get to enjoy their company is without a doubt the best part of my position,” she shared with enthusiasm.

    Reflecting, on all the people she has met from across Muscatine, Lloyd feels equally glad to know them and to see their passion for the community at work: “Community members and local businesses all seem to form a sort of partnership with a, ‘what can we do for each other?’ mentality, which I very much admire. I think it is a very, ‘stick together’ community that is home to a lot of stellar individuals that only want to make this an outstanding community for all– which, I feel very lucky to be a part of!”

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