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    Pearl of Muscatine: Maggie Curry

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    When Maggie Curry and her family first moved to the Muscatine area forty-two years ago to allow her husband to take a job in the city, they did not know what to expect. Over the years however, Curry has become deeply involved in her community and had a positive impact on countless residents. Even in retirement, Curry continues to care for those in the place she truly considers home. 

    In 1996, only five years after Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA) opened its doors, Curry first visited and knew she wanted to become a part of its mission. She remembers, “I was talking with the director . . . as we visited, he was telling me about some new opportunities for affordable housing in Muscatine and about the homeless shelter that was starting to offer services on March 4th . . .. I was very interested in being a part of an organization offering so many opportunities.”

    Shortly after taking up her post as Housing Coordinator, Curry became the Housing Director and later the Executive Director of MCSA in 2011. In her twenty-one years of service, Curry assisted those at MCSA in many ways. She explained, “I worked directly with residents on case planning, making sure they were moving forward to become self-sufficient, informing them of services available that may fit their needs. If there were any barriers, it was important to get them to the right agency to assist them in whatever their needs were to move forward.” Additionally, Curry helped spread the word about MCSA to get community members of all ages excited about supporting the organization.

    Throughout all her efforts, Curry valued getting to work directly with others and sharing her love and time with them. She said that she most enjoyed, “building relationships with so many people and watching them grow and experience success.” After retiring from MCSA in 2017, Curry worked at Hy-Vee Mainstreet for a year and a half before focusing her efforts into supporting Island Methodist Church and the Fruitland Community Lions Club. 

    In her years in the Muscatine area, Curry has come to cherish all aspects of living here, especially, “the people and all the opportunities available . . . the emphasis on the children and their schooling, [and] the importance of offering skills so people can be productive in their community, offering a ‘hand up,’ not a ‘hand out.” In turn, the community appreciates all that she had given to them and feels grateful that she and her family chose to make their home here. 

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