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    Pearl of Muscatine: Sissy Rogers

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    For her whole life, Sissy Rogers has felt a strong call to help others. After working at the Handicapped Development Center in Davenport for seventeen years, she wanted to keep serving those in need, but wanted a slightly slower pace of work. At the time, she heard about an opening at the Salvation Army Muscatine (SAM). She applied, got the job, and has made a tremendous difference as their office manager ever since.

    During her fourteen years (and counting) with the SAM, Rogers has worn many hats. As the office manager, she attends to many day-to-day tasks, including answering phones, completing clerical work, and attending the SAM Advisory Board Meetings. However, Rogers also goes above and beyond, acting as a case manager for people who need assistance, helping bring in and properly sort and store food pantry donations, keeping the group’s financial information in good order, matching bell ringers to openings during the group’s annual Red Kettle Campaign, and, above all, offering assistance to each and every person who comes to the SAM for any reason.

    As many responsibilities as Rogers has with the SAM, she feels passionate about her work and would not have it any other way. “I love my job and doing what I do,” she said. “I just like helping people, and if I was in their positions, I would appreciate people helping me.”

    Through her work with the SAM, Rogers has also become one of its most outspoken advocates. By hosting Sunday worship services, providing disaster assistance, and helping those in need, Rogers has come to value the SAM’s mission, “to help our fellow man and help meet their needs,” and encourages everyone to support the group however they can, whether financially or through volunteering.

    In turn, Roger’s work at the SAM has shown her the depth of people’s kindness and given her the inspiration she needs to continue helping others. “When I first started [at] the Salvation Army, I didn’t know how generous people could be,” she recalls. “Muscatine’s generosity has blown me away. The people are amazing, those that we help and those that give. It blows me away,” she emphasized.

    Through creating relationships with everyone who uses the SAM’s services, Rogers makes a positive impact on the Muscatine community every single day. Her kindness and generosity spread farther than she can imagine and make Muscatine a better community for everyone who lives here, making her a true Pearl of Muscatine.

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