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    Pearls of Muscatine: Robby and Wendi Chamberlin

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    Robby and Wendi Chamberlin

    As lifelong Muscatine area residents, Robby and Wendi Chamberlin have helped support their community in many ways. Through helping clients at their small business, Chamberlin Heating and Air Conditioning, and sponsoring numerous charitable events, the Chamberlins deeply value getting to take care of their local friends and neighbors.  

    According to Robby Chamberlin, he first got interested in assisting people with their heating and cooling needs when he took a job at Chelf Heating and Air Conditioning. He worked there for eight years, and when the original owner decided to retire, he and Wendi, along with his brother, decided to buy the business. Since then, they have continued to help their customers and grow their business. 

    Though the Chamberlins enjoy every aspect of running their business, they most enjoy using their work to help the community in a variety of ways. As Robby explained it, “[our] favorite part of owning the business is being able to help the community, not only in the services we provide but also employment opportunities of the community.” 

    The Chamberlins also go above and beyond to help the community through supporting many local causes. “We sponsor as many of the youth sports as we can. That was something not really offered when I was growing up. It is a really good program that helps teach kids many life lessons. We also sponsor the schools as much as we can. We try and give to as many benefits for people going through hard times [as possible],” said Robby.

    “The number one thing that I am very proud of is our Rib Competition that we hold the first Saturday in October,” added Robby. “ This is a charity event that goes to a local charity. We have done the Domestic Violence Shelter as well as the Shop With a Cop program. We have donated over $8,000 between those two events.” To continue this tradition of the Chamberlins look forward to supporting Special Olympics at this year’s competition and to having many Special Olympics athletes attend and enjoy the delicious meals cooked up by competitors. 

    In everything they do, the Chamberlins appreciate the loyalty they see in all Muscatine residents. “I enjoy the loyalty of this community. I have found over the years that as long as people can trust you they will take care of you.” As proud Muscatine area residents, the Chamberlins have proved their loyalty to the community too,” said Robby. 

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