Plants for a Cause

My friends, there is a really cool way to support Crossroads, Inc. that is taking place this Saturday, Sept. 18. I believe they’re technically calling it a plant swap, but I’m dubbing it Plants for a Cause, and I have to give my friend, Suzie Gill, a shout-out for bringing it to my attention.

So, stop by the Crossroads, Inc. parking lot (located at 1424 Houser Street here in Muscatine) between 9 a. m. and 2 p. m. The organizers are asking for a $5 admission fee and $10 for those interested in being a vendor. Bring an indoor or outdoor plant that is disease and pest-free. Each plant you bring earns you one ticket, which then will allow you to pick one plant. Those without plants can purchase tickets for $1 each. All proceeds from the event will be donated back to Crossroads and the outstanding work they do for our community, along with supporting the Friends of Harmony House. They’ll also have representatives from ISU Extension’s Master Gardener’s Program and the Muscatine Pollinator Project.

While I certainly do not have a green thumb, nor do I own a lot of plants, I can always appreciate and recognize an event that supports a good cause. If you recall, my first job was selling Christmas trees when I was 13, which then turned into a landscaping job in the spring and summer. It may not seem like it takes a lot of skill to properly wrap and then secure a Christmas tree to the roof of a vehicle, but you’d be surprised. Plus, I was tall for my age and able to access the roofs of vehicles easily.

I was, however, not the best landscaper. If anything, one time my boss at the time, (shout out to the closed Urban Farms Landscape on Roosevelt Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois) Cosmo, yelled at me for, “not properly watering the plants.” That was embarrassing, but I quickly understood the importance of a proper soak for plants.

We’re also just a few weeks (or so) away from the leaves changing color and then falling. There is a large tree near our house, and I’m already not looking forward to raking leaves. My back hurts just thinking about it!

Anyways, don’t miss Plants for a Cause happening this Saturday, Sept. 18 in the Crossroads parking lot. Please consider attending and supporting one of my favorite places in the Pearl City!

Maybe I can find someone at the event that has an eye for landscaping that would be willing to give me tips for sprucing up my house! I don’t normally do this, but stay tuned for next week’s column “My Phone Call with Betty Bunn.” I’m really looking forward to sharing that!

Take care my friends and stay safe! Oh, and one last thing since I have to hit 500 words–thank you for all the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it and always enjoy hearing from you! Email me anytime at [email protected].