Public Forum on Muscatine’s Clean Energy Future

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Thursday, Aug. 26, at 5:30 P. M., activists from Clean Air Muscatine (CLAM) and the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign will gather in Discovery Park in Muscatine before taking action to educate and spread awareness of the facts on fracking and climate change. The local utility, Muscatine Power & Water (MPW) have stated that only input from customers is requested, so on this matter CLAM calls on the public to:

  • Sign the No New Gas petition
  • Add business leaders and organizations to the Sign-On Letter
  • Invest in the Choose Green Program

MPW has set a goal for itself to reduce its carbon emissions by 65% by 2030 by decommissioning its coal burning units and replacing them with a gas plant and a solar field. The additional solar will see their renewable energy cover about 12% of their total energy output after it is built, putting us far behind a net zero emissions goal by 2035. The construction of the gas plant in 2027 will mean it will be a local asset until 2057, as it is a 30-year commitment, a time frame that could see the end to fossil fuel subsidies that keep the fuel affordable. With natural disasters fueled by climate change disrupting supply chains and spiking prices for consumers, the perpetuation of reliance on this resource that we cannot produce ourselves leaves only renewables that we can generate right here in Muscatine as the only viable option for the future.

Currently MPW emits more than 1 million tons of carbon emissions annually, according to their own data submitted in a five-year plan to the EPA. This means that even if they reduce their emissions by 65% by 2030, they will still be directly responsible for about 350,000 tons of carbon entering the atmosphere around Muscatine. This number doesn’t take into consideration the air, water, and soil pollution caused by the fracking of the resource at the beginning of its lifecycle, or the pollution emitted during refining or transporting that occurs before the resource makes it to MPW to be burned. This means that the amount of carbon and non-carbon pollution caused by Muscatine Power and Water’s decision to continue using fossil fuels, cannot be accurately measured. The only thing that can be predicted is that continuing to burn fossil fuels will perpetuate the climate crisis and we won’t be able to get it under control before we hit a 4-degree Celsius rise globally.

What: CLAM and the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign Hold Public Forum on Clean Energy

When: 5:30 p. m. on Thursday, Aug. 26

Where: Discovery Park #2 Learning Center Shelter

Who: Speakers include:
Clean Air Muscatine
Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign

Contact: Freedom Malik-Roberts, [email protected]
Sandy Stanley, [email protected] (563) 316-4288

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