Radio Reflections: The First Boo
by Tony Tone
March 07, 2020

A funny thing happens when you’re rushed on stage at the Mark of the Quad Cities (now TaxSlayer Center) in Moline and tasked with introducing the band Fall Out Boy. I remember trying to follow the tour manager’s flashlight without tripping over the maze of cords and trying to think about what I was going to say. The next thing you know, there’s over 5,000 people looking at you and yes, a few loud boos. And yes, if you’re wondering if I tried identifying where some of the boos were coming from, you’d be correct! Maybe you were at that show and did the booing!

It was May of 2007. I was twenty-four-years old and had been working on the Red Hot Brian Scott & Tony Tone Show on B100 for about six-and-a-half months. It’s a really weird experience introducing a band at a concert, regardless of the location and size of the crowd. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the start of a show they spent their hard-earned money to attend. As radio personalities you’re given on average sixty to ninety seconds to say a few things and then get off stage ASAP.

That night with Fall Out Boy was a blur. I probably said something to the effect of, “Quad Cities, are you ready for Fall Out Boy?!” While trying to not overthink it, looking like a giant dork.

My favorite part of that evening was waiting backstage to make the aforementioned introduction. Rapper Paul Wall, the people’s champ (and if you get that reference, you’re welcome) cruised up on skateboard and asked me, “What it do, man?” I awkwardly replied, “It does fine, I think.” Paul laughed and hopped back on the skateboard.

I had so many interesting experiences in my nearly eleven-and-a-half years in the radio business. I’ve thought about writing a book that could be titled “Tony Tone Tries to Act Normal Around Famous People.”

It would be worth asking some famous people how they feel during the meet and greets. I think we’re quick to forget that our favorite singers and actors are people at the end of the day.

I will say, earlier that evening in 2007, most of the members of Fall Out Boy were not that polite during the meet and greet we had with a group of listeners. On the opposite side of things, it always surprises people when I tell them just how normal and nice Alice Cooper is. That guy could not be more normal and down to earth.

Would you buy a copy of my book? Just think, the proceeds could be donated to a local organization like Special Olympics (whose funding better not be cut) or, my kids’ college funds.

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