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    John A. Wojtecki
    Doctor John A. Wojtecki has 45 years of experience in Human Resources, Safety, and Training serving the toy, food, plastics, steel, and office furniture industries. John operates his own consulting business and is a Certified Facilitator in Real Colors. He is a volunteer with the Quad Cities Mediation Service. He posts monthly on his LinkedIn account.

    Muscatine Living

    For those of you who follow me, I have discussed reinvention. Well, I happened on an article by Tracy Brower on Fast Company titled “How to reinvent yourself successfully post-pandemic.” It is worth examining in light of past articles.

    Tracy offers five steps to reinvent yourself after a hard year. The first step shall be presented after the fifth step in this article. The second step was, “interrogate what has surprised you.” Each and every person does something well. Tracy asks, “what has surprised you about yourself?” I know that me re-finishing hardwood floors surprises me. I never thought that I would have that in me.

    Given my consulting business downturn, I decided reinvention for me is appropriate now. Kind of a “practice what I preach” type action. I am upon a reinvention of sorts that will take me in a most unusual direction, and no, it is not opening a floor re-finishing business. Introspection of you and your surprise capabilities is a wonderful basis to review your re-invention. (I’ll share the reinvention at the end of the article.)

    Tracy mentions to, “follow your curiosity,” as the third step. We all have untapped curiosity. When I taught business classes, this was something I encouraged students to allow themselves, the freedom to investigate and discover. What great fun it is!

    The fourth step was to, “consider where things can improve.” Whew – boy are there ever opportunities. Improvement is the basis for many a new business, an evolution of a business, and a surprise benefit for the customer.

    The fifth step is to ask the deeper question – Why! Yes, just ask why. The continual improvement folks will tell you to ask “why” 5 times on an issue, problem, reason for doing/not doing something. A quote from Tracy seems worthy of repeating here: “Research has demonstrated that asking why questions can help students learn more deeply. Asking why for yourself can help you create new opportunities, prospects and potentials.”

    Wow! Tracy sees an opportunity to emerge on the other side of this pandemic with new ideas, new hope, and new expectations. I agree!

    Now, the first step is, “to open up your mind to multiple options and to community.” I am taking myself in a very unique life direction. Here is a new avenue to help others in our community. I have applied to become a resource for SHIIP here in Muscatine. These volunteers assist others in working their way through the Medicare maze, and much more.

    A distinguished colleague, (Marcia) first introduced me to the organization a few years ago. SHIIP stands for Senior Health Insurance Information Program. I begin extensive training in late May.

    Right now, I am one for two. The floor refinishing is a win, the cookbook has not gone very well. There will be much more in this column as I work my way through the training. When I think about re-doing floors, facilitating mediations, ball park trips, family reunions, visiting Houston, studying both Spanish and French on Duolingo, harmonica playing, grandkids, and now doing the training with helping the community as a SHIIP counselor, I suddenly become tired. I think it is time for a nap!

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