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    Ready for a Lifestyle Change? Muscatine Diabetes Project Recommends Many Local Resources

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    After taking the Prediabetes Risk Test, many Muscatine County residents have questions about what they can do to lower their risk for type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, our area has many resources for people to use to help make lifestyle changes, many of which they can access for free or for a low cost. Below follows some of the Muscatine Diabetes Project’s recommended resources for making positive lifestyle changes.

    Muscatine Parks and Recreation’s Walking Paths and Walking Club

    The City of Muscatine maintains more than ten miles of walking, biking, and running trails. With the West Side Trail Project underway, this mileage will increase soon. These paths provide beautiful outdoor spaces for people to get their recommended thirty minutes of daily activity to help reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes.

    Muscatine Parks and Recreation also hosts a free walking club. Anyone may register either online at https://www.muscatineiowa.gov/forms.aspx?FID=154 or by calling (563)-263-0241. Members of the walking club can compete in various challenges and enter themselves in weekly drawings just by walking. The walking club also encourages people to walk indoors at the Muscatine Mall during inclement weather.

    Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Muscatine County Programs

    Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Muscatine County (ISU Extension and Outreach) provides many different programs that encourage good nutrition, which can help prevent type 2 diabetes. By offering online resources, such as Spend Smart Eat Smart, which provides easy, economical recipes and in-person cooking and nutrition demonstrations, this organization puts out many resources to make healthy eating easy. To learn more about upcoming programs, you can contact ISU Extension and Outreach at (563) 263-5701.

    Muscatine Community Y Finding a Healthier You

    Several times throughout the year, the Muscatine Community Y partners with Hy-Vee, the Muscatine Diabetes Project, and UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine to provide this four-week course. It teaches participants how to reduce health risks through better nutrition and exercise and includes hands-on components and demonstrations to help get participants started. Contact the Muscatine Community Y at (563) 263-9996 for more information about their next session. Additionally, the Muscatine Community Y offers many health and wellness classes free to members and at a low cost to nonmembers.

    Along with these community resources, the Muscatine Diabetes Project offers many initiatives to help people avoid developing diabetes or manage their existing condition. Founded in 2016, this volunteer organization provides diabetes education and outreach programs and works to help people prevent this disease. They offer a number of prevention programs, which include the following:

    ·Hosting the Adult Diabetes Support Group, open to those with any form of diabetes or prediabetes
    ·Leading the Diabetes Busters program for third and fourth grade students
    ·Offering free and reduced-price blood sugar testing
    ·Leading healthy cooking demonstrations with the Hy-Vee dietitian
    ·Promoting the Iowa Healthiest State Walk each year
    ·Providing information on the 5-2-1-0 Health Choices Count! Healthy Habits Program
    ·Teaching the PreventT2 Diabetes Program that uses evidenced based materials from the CDC to help people prevent type 2 diabetes

    For more information, visit the Muscatine Diabetes Project at https://unitedwaymuscatine.galaxydigital.com/agency/detail/?agency_id=83575.

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