Ready, Set, Diet…Again!
by Tony Tone
August 08, 2019

I’ve been a bigger person my entire life. I was 5’7” in fifth grade, and by the time I started high school in 1999, I was 6’2 and nearly 225 pounds. June 4th, 2018, I stepped on the scale at my house and I was, for a lack of better words, devastated. My weight had ballooned to the morbid obesity stage. Friends, I weighed 395 pounds that morning. I remember looking at the scale and thinking it had to be a mistake. I quickly stepped off and back on and alas, 395 pounds. I was five pounds away from weighing 400 pounds. I knew that I was overweight, but I had successfully avoided the scale for at least a year.

That same day, I started the Keto diet, and by mid-September 2018 I was down nearly 100 pounds. Losing that much weight sounds drastic, but keep in mind I was really heavy. By the time Thanksgiving 2018 rolled around, I was less strict on the diet, and by Christmas I had stopped doing Keto, but I was still weighing myself daily. As of last Monday, August 5th, I restarted myself on the Keto diet because I had gained nearly forty pounds back. Now, keep in mind, I was still down sixty-five pounds from my initial starting weight on the morning of June 4th, 2018.

I’m sharing all of this with you because I know I am not alone in the struggle with my weight. I have been extremely open and transparent from the time I started my diet and where I’m currently at. What I cannot achieve by myself is erasing the stigma associated with talking about our weight, diets, and being healthy. Folks like myself that find themselves overweight are well aware of that. I can tell you firsthand that even at my heaviest, I may not have known my exact weight, but I knew I was bigger than I probably should be.

So what can we do? I think basic communication and being there to listen is a good place to start. Say, for instance, you know someone that is attempting to make a lifestyle change or diet. Be supportive of their efforts. Ask them how the process is going, even share things that have helped you. I was successful with my initial weight loss because of the support from my wife, Kasey. She prepared meals for me and made it easier for me to “stay the course” and avoid temptation. Without her support, I would not have had the success that I did and the same can be said during this diet reset.

Did I mention that I lost basically fifteen pounds last week when I got back on the diet? My goal is to not have the “yoyo” ups and downs but to lose some (or all) of the weight I put back on and keep it off.
If you’re considering making a change and starting or trying a diet, I support you, and please know that I’m here for you. You can always email me personally at [email protected] or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or visit me at my job inside Hy-Vee. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a steak cooked in real butter with asparagus calling my name!

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