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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Rotary Club of Muscatine launches mask initiative

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa– The #maskupmuscatine initiative emphasizes the importance of slowing the spread of the coronavirus in Muscatine, and the Rotary Club of Muscatine has committed to doing their part to support this effort. The Rotary Club of Muscatine purchased an initial 250 masks to distribute to their members and those in need throughout
    Muscatine. Once all members have masks, they want to make sure that others in need in Muscatine also have these important protective items. Those in need of a mask can request them at the downtown CBI bank branch, Muscatine Community College, Rebuilding Together Muscatine, and the Salvation Army of Muscatine. Rotary will also work closely with Senior Resources to ensure Meals on Wheels participants and those in high risk populations have access
    to the masks.

    Through these unprecedented times, organizations have postponed or canceled social clubs and gatherings, but the Rotary club of Muscatine has maintained a connection through virtual meetings and outreach, always remembering their motto, “service above self.” While the traditional noon networking lunch with presentation has not proved a viable option, the Rotary club of Muscatine has not let the interruption slow them down; they have taken the traditional meeting format to a virtual meeting. The club has even continued to induct new members, including Mike Weddell from Bayer and Jordan Lloyd from Sunnybrook at Muscatine. The club continues to monitor virus activity and looks forward to the opportunity to return to in person meetings, while still making connections with and serving the Muscatine community. To learn more about the Rotary Club of Muscatine or to get free Rotary masks, please contact Rick Gosney at 563-262-3112 or John Kuhl at 563-264-4723.

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