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Salvation Army prepares for high impact holiday season

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MUSCATINE, Iowa—Though the Salvation Army of Muscatine County does important work for the community throughout the year, they set their foundation for success during the holiday season. As Lieutenants Greg and Liz Bock start their preparations for the Red Kettle Campaign, Toy Time, and Freezin’ for Food, they invite the community to support them and help them keep hope marching on in many ways.

Each year, the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign does more than just bring in funds that will help the Salvation Army provide its holiday programs. In fact, it allows them to pay for all their needs throughout the entire year. This year, the Bock’s will keep the goal the same as last year at $190,000. However, since the community far exceeded that total last year, Bock believes they can do the same once again.

As always, people may make cash donations directly to one of the many red kettles set up throughout town. However, they may also pay virtually at these locations using Apple Pay, PayPal, or Venmo or donate online through the Salvation Army’s website. People may also sign up online either to ring at a kettle in person or to host a virtual kettle on their website or social media pages.

Each year, Two Week’s of Love’s Toy Time and Freezin’ for Food bring in vast amounts of toys and food for the Salvation Army to give to those in need. Once they receive those donations, the Salvation Army gets right to work making sure they get to the people who will benefit from them most.

With the help of volunteers at Calvary Church, the Salvation Army will once again offer its toy shop for families in need who have registered with them for this season. Last year, the Salvation Army provided toys and clothing to 910 children ages 18 and under. Typically, the Salvation Army allows parents to pick three toys or gifts for each child, as well as several items of clothing.

This year, the Salvation Army will name their toy shop Annabelle’s Toy Shop in honor of one of the first donations they received. After seeing an angel tree set up at a local store, the parents of the late Annabelle Bausch wanted to make a donation to the Salvation Army in her memory. They selected the kinds of toys and clothing they would have purchased for her and brought it to the Salvation Army. Touched by their generosity in the face of grief, the Bocks found it fitting to name the toy shop after their daughter.

When families come to select gifts for their children, he hopes they feel the love the Bausch’s had for their daughter. As Bock puts it, he wants, “everybody who has responsibility for kids to walk into Annabelle’s Toy Shop and feel seen, known, cared for, and loved.”

The Salvation Army has also started getting their food pantry ready for their single largest donation of the year. In the past 10 months, the Salvation Army has provided food to 4,500 people locally, including 900 children. Through generous donations this year and the ongoing support of Frightening for Food: Need to Feed, they hope to keep the pantry supplied for many more months and to work to end hunger in Muscatine County.

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Salvation Army prepares for high impact holiday season

MUSCATINE, Iowa—Though the Salvation Army of Muscatine County does important work for the community throughout the year, they set...

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