Salvation Army to hold second produce giveaway

Produce ready to give away at the Salvation Army of Muscatine July 23. They will host another giveaway August 1.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–10,000 pounds of produce sounds like a lot of food, but the Salvation Army of Muscatine Army easily found families who could use it July 23. About 202 people came to collect produce. Once shared with their families, the food ended up helping around 404 county residents.

The Salvation Army received the produce as a donation from the Riverbend Food Bank in Davenport. The organization collects produce from area grocery stores that might otherwise let it go to waste, and delivers it to partner food banks throughout eastern Iowa. Salvation Army Lieutenant Greg Bock welcomed the donation and took pride in getting to share it with the community: “Watching the produce come in from Riverbend is a great feeling, knowing the volume and variety we get will go to be a huge blessing to so many in our community. Since there isn’t access to this stuff on the South End, the fact that we are able to get as much as we do whenever we want it really allows The Salvation Army to provide our community with healthy, fresh food options regularly.”

This weekend on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, Aug. 1, the Salvation Army will hold another produce giveaway. They encourage anyone in the community looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to come and take what they need.

Going forward, the Salvation Army would like to continue offering produce pickup days. “As long as we are able to keep getting the volume and variety that we have been getting, we will keep planning these produce giveaways as often as we can,” said Bock.

He also welcomes partnerships with other community organizations to help ensure the Salvation Army food pantry has fruits and vegetables to share. “I am excited to partner with the Rotary Club in the coming months and do another one out in the community,” Bock shared, adding that if other businesses would like to support the program they should contact him for further information.