Save the Palms Movie Theatre

The pandemic has impacted a lot of local businesses here in Muscatine County. One in particular that made the rounds on social media last week was the Palms 10 Movie Theatre owned by Fridley Theatres. Maybe you didn’t realize they have been open the majority of the time since the pandemic started back in March. Perhaps you were one of the vehicles that supported their drive through concessions, enjoying a delicious movie popcorn to go.

My friends, now is the time to support the Palms, as they are on the brink of having to make a tough decision about their future. The Fridley family made a significant investment in relocating from the Muscatine Mall to purchasing land and building the beautiful Palms Theatre. That move stimulated the economy in Muscatine, created jobs, and, perhaps most importantly, brought people back to the movies.

Personally, I have fond memories of going to see movies from as far back as I can remember. Having divorced parents growing up, it seemed like the entertainment options for my dad were taking us bowling or to see movies. Who else but a dad would think it was a good idea to take an eight and five-year-old to see “Terminator 2” when it was released back in 1991? Movies have always been a part of my life and so has the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen.

Yes, I know we are living through a pandemic that is forcing us to be smart about going out and keeping our distance. I’m here to tell you that Travis Goettl (Palms General Manager) and his entire team have done a tremendous job of ensuring the safety of all their customers. You can go see a movie and be safe and practice social distancing at the same time–I promise you that. At the very least, you can always grab your favorite popcorn, candy, and beverages to go.

I saw on Facebook last week this comment, “Well, maybe if they stopped showing old movies, people would be there.” That’s not fair, and if you haven’t noticed, most movies that were scheduled to be released in 2020 have been pushed until late 2021, if not 2022. That has forced the Palms and movie theaters across the country to get creative and bring back older movies to try and bring in business. I, for one, love the idea of being able to see a classic film on the big screen. Not too long ago, they had “The Goonies” and “Back to the Future.”

Muscatine needs the Palms 10 Movie Theatre to stay in business. We already send a lot of our entertainment dollars to the Quad Cities and Iowa City. So please, join me in rallying around this business and showing them that we want them to make it through the other side of this pandemic. The same should be said for all Muscatine County businesses. I implore you to do what you can, and I thank you in advance.