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Thursday, April 15, 2021

    SCJH Choir Concert

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    Muscatine Today Show with Ashley joined by Clint Christopher

    Today Clint Christopher, Superintendent of MCSD joins Ashley to reflect on his first year in Muscatine. They are also...

    MTS – Community Foundation and Stanley Center Talk About Award Winning Author Jason Reynolds

    Today Ashley will be chatting with Vivian and Krista about the partnership that is bringing Jason Reynolds, Award Winning...

    Muscatine Today Show with Ashley joined by Scott Schultz

    Good morning! Wellness Wednesday brought to you by Impact!! Watch for ToyotaofMuscatine's What's in the Box, cbibt 's Aisle...

    Here it is! The SCJH 2021 Pops Choir Concert from this afternoon. Enjoy these performances – they killed it! Drag Me Down – One Direction, arr. Mac Huff, Bass Choir Soloist: Cameron Sweat Bend and Break – Keane, Showcase Solo: Cameron Sweat Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish, arr. Swartzendruber, Treble Choir 7 Soloists: Aralyn Anaya, Marlinta Glahn, Chiara Wilson Dear Theodosia, from Hamilton – Lin-Manuel Miranda, Showcase Solo: Angalina Taylor Before You Go – Lewis Capaldi, Treble Choir 8, Soloists: Kaylynn Huot, Halley Manley, Hannah Bettis, Tatiana Lopez Take On Me – a-ha, Showcase Solo: Luna Haskins Love potion – The Searchers, adapted Brooks Gingerich, A Cappella, Soloists: Teghan Bell, Brenna Gray Here Comes the Sun – George Harrison, arr. Alan Billingsley, Combined Choirs

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    Blocked crossings are frustrating but who do you call ?

    Blocked railroad crossings can be a nightmare for drivers especially if they are in a hurry and the blockage lasts for more than 10 minutes.

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