See Good, Share Good
by Tony Tone
February 25, 2022

I’m starting an initiative, See Good, Share Good! I’m encouraging everyone reading this column that when you see good things happening in our communities, you share them. This could be something as simple as re-sharing a post on Facebook from a local business or organization that is doing good work. Perhaps it’s giving a deserving resident a nice shout-out and recognizing them for the ways they contribute to the community. I know that the majority of us are spending some of our time on social media; my challenge is that we use it for good.

For instance, I want to give a big shout-out to my friends, Mason Haney and Todd Woods, who, as of March 1, will be the new owners of Meineke here in Muscatine. I’m pretty sure that I’ve known Mason and his wife, Jenn, since at least 2007. If I remember correctly, we met during a live broadcast from the former Diamonds on the Avenue jewelry store in Davenport. Talk about knowing someone for a while! I’m grateful for Mason and Todd’s decision to take the leap and for serving our community. See Good, Share Good.

The same can be said for my friends, Scott and Autumn Schultz, owners of Impact Fitness & Nutrition, who have recently moved their growing business into the Muscatine Mall. Thank you for injecting some life into the mall and for serving your customers and the community. It’s that easy, folks. See Good, Share Good.

How about Brenda Christensen and Chris Boar, the “wonder twins” behind events like Almost Friday Fest and who are really working hard to make the riverfront amphitheater a reality? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brenda and Chris for years now, and I thank them for their willingness to serve Muscatine. See Good, Share Good.

Look, I’ve said this before in this space; negativity is contagious, and I know that we are living in tough times. My intent is to not ignore when things are bad but to rather do what I can to amplify the good.

I posted on my Facebook account about how grateful I was to the Schliesman family who donated a bench at the Discovery Park playground in honor of the late Tom Schliesman. See Good, Share Good.

While we were at the playground, I witnessed a few kids pick up and throw away garbage that had been left behind. See Good, Share Good.

Students at Madison Elementary School are hosting a Muscatine Humane Society supply drive because they realize that now more than ever, they need to be supported. See Good, Share Good. Consider dropping off supplies to help!

My mother, Sheila, is the queen of picking up nails, bolts, and screws while she’s walking around Muscatine. She’s got two containers full of things she’s picked up, stopping countless flat tires. See Good, Share Good.

There are many great things happening in Muscatine and the surrounding communities, and I know that together we can ensure our friends and neighbors know it! Use #SeeGoodShareGood on social media!

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