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Monday, September 20, 2021

    Shining a Light on Area Schools: Lily Poci

    Muscatine Community School District
    Muscatine Community School District offers public education from three year old preschool through high school. The district prides itself on making all of its students success stories.

    Muscatine Living

    Name: Lily Poci

    Grade: Senior

    School: Muscatine High School 

    Randy Guerra, a language arts teacher at Muscatine High School, nominated Lily Poci for this week’s Shining a Light on Area Schools. He describes her as, “an outstanding student and scholar at Muscatine High School. Lily ranks in the top two percent of the senior class, and her easygoing personality and intelligence makes her a leader in the classroom . . . respected by students and faculty. Lily participates in golf, orchestra, and works part-time at Hy-Vee.” 

    What is your favorite thing about school?

    “What I like most about MHS is the fact that I know there are many students like me who are struggling through AP classes to better ourselves, and that we have such a strong backing of teachers to constantly support us.”

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