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    Sonny’s Stink Bait 2.0

    Jerry Purviance
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    Being in the bait biz for almost ten years, one thing I can tell you with certainty, the dog days of summer equals stink bait sales. I mean a truckload of it!! Midwest anglers know that when the water warms up, post spawn catfish are ready to dine on stink bait.

    Yes, this miracle bait in a jar is deadly when it comes to putting catfish in the boat or on your stringer. The only problem is, you kind of got to get past the smell of what’s in the jar to use it. After all, it tells you up front what it is. It isn’t named floral aroma bait for a good reason.

    Now, there are many types and brands out there, but in my ten years of doling it out by the case and jar, there has been no better seller than Sonny’s. Whether regular or blood, no other stink bait came close to selling like Sonny’s did. I shipped the Iowa original as far away as California and Florida and everywhere in between.

    Now, If you noticed a sentence back, I used Sonny’s in past tense. That’s because the iconic name is no longer used. Still made in Farmington, Iowa. Yes. Still made by the same family that’s been making it for over twenty years? Yes. Still the same formula? Yes, and about 100 more yeses to any question you have about the bait formerly named Sonny’s.

    Sonny’s three sons now run the company. For whatever reason, a reason that will remain between father and sons, Sonny gave them the biz awhile back, but not the name. So, in a little clever bit of marketing, the three brothers that have been making the bait since about day one came up with a solution. The new name to be was Triple S Channel Catfish Bait.

    Why Triple S? It doesn’t take too much of sleuthing to figure that out. Sonny’s Super Stinky. That’s what the three S’s stand for, or should I say the Triple S’s.

    Since Jerry’s Bait and Tackle has been buying Triple S directly from Hootman Brothers Manufacturing for years, I know for a fact that this is the same exact recipe and procedure that made Farmington, Iowa, famous. I’ll hear a few guys say in the shop, “Nah this is different,” or, “the folks that bought the company changed the formula.” I just kind of give a little chuckle because I know it’s the same family I’ve been doing business with for the last ten years.

    Trust me nothing has changed. Triple S, formerly known as Sonny’s, outsells, out fishes, and catches more than any other stink bait on the market, nine to one. The name may have changed, but the bait has not. If you’re wanting that mid to late summer catfish action without a lot of bait prep or hassle, stink bait is the way to go. The warmer the water the hotter the bite. See ya round the minnow tank.

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