Steve Morenz assumes role of Vision 2020 CFO

Vision 2020's Chief Financial Officer Steve Morenz.

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Since its inception in 2019, Vision 2020 has worked hard to help Crossroads, Muscatine Center for Social Action, the Muscatine Welfare Association, and Senior Resources pool their assets and work effectively together to better serve the Muscatine Community. To help continue this work and keep it financially sound and sustainable for years to come, Vision 2020 hired Steve Morenz as their chief financial officer.

For the majority of his career, Morenz has specialized in non-profit work. Originally from Indiana, Morenz, who already had several years of non-profit work under his belt, first came to the Quad Cities in 2001 to take a job with UnityPoint Trinity Rock Island Hospital. More recently, Morenz served as the chief financial officer and director of human resources for Riverbend Foodbank and as the financial director for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra Association. As the first person to officially oversee the finances of both organizations, Morenz gained firsthand experience developing strong financial programs and in leadership, both of which will serve him well at Vision 2020.

In his previous roles, Morenz heard a lot of talk about the benefits of having organizations collaborate and share leadership to help them run more effectively. However, he never saw these ideas get put into action, as organizations feared loosing too much control over their governance if they joined a larger group. When Morenz learned about Vision 2020’s successful sharing of leadership and resources to offer more efficient and effective services for Muscatne residents, he jumped at the chance to get involved in the groundbreaking work. “It sounded like an exciting opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” he shared. “This isn’t a new idea, but Muscatine is the first community I’ve seen do it.”

As Morenz starts his work with Vision 2020 he hopes to possibly invite more organizations to join the consortium. He also wants to offer up a model for other communities throughout the region of how cooperation between non-profits can prevent duplication of services, meet community needs more effectively, and allow organizations to focus on the particular areas they do their best work in.

Since coming to Vision 2020 and starting to get acclimated to his new role, Morenz has found everyone involved enthusiastic about its goals. “The people I’ve already met on these boards are so wonderful and passionate about what they do,” he observed. “I just want to get to know them and help them.”