STS: Save the Shelter
by Tony Tone
June 26, 2020

I rarely take this space to appeal to your generosity and kindness, but for the MCSA Domestic Violence Shelter I will make an exception. The past 18 years (or so) the shelter could count on the annual ‘New Beginnings’ fundraiser to raise a lot of money in one evening. As a matter of fact, the event has grown so much that the past couple of years, tickets had been sold out and nearly $70,000 was generated. With the coronavirus, New Beginnings for 2020 was initially postponed from April to August 1,and just last week it was announced that it would be canceled.

I refuse to stay quiet because I know that the MCSA domestic violence shelter has literally saved countless lives over the years. Where else would women and their children from Muscatine County go to escape a domestic violence situation?

There are several ways you can help to ensure the shelter doors remain open. Maybe you had purchased tickets for the New Beginnings event and would like the shelter to keep the money–that would be great! Or, if you’re a business that had agreed to sponsor, perhaps those dollars can be donated this year! What a great idea!

Checkout the Muscatine Center for Social Action Facebook page and make a donation from your smartphone or tablet. You can also donate via the and click the link at the top of their homepage. Another option would be to mail or drop a check off directly at MCSA located at 312 Iowa Avenue here in Muscatine, just be sure to indicate that your donation is to be used for the MCSA Domestic Violence Shelter.

Here’s what I know, last week on the “Hy-Vee Today with Tony Tone” show, shelter coordinator Judy Yates and Susan Freers (New Beginnings Fundraiser Chair) told me that as of that day, the shelter was home to two women and six children. Folks that’s in our town. This isn’t something happening around Muscatine–it’s here and we need to rally behind the shelter.

I’ve shared with you that a couple of years back I was able to take a tour of the shelter. My first impression is that it is most certainly a home. The location is confidential, and the day we were able to take the tour the shelter was empty. Not even 12 hours later the shelter was at capacity. From that moment on, I’ve been committed to supporting their cause.

I’ve been proud to call Muscatine my home for nearly eight years, and my only regret is that I did not know about the MCSA Domestic Violence shelter sooner so I could have been supporting them the entire time.

Please folks, join me in this effort and help ensure that women and children have a safe place to go, should they need it. To those who have supported the shelter for a long time, thank you, and to those who will take action and do it for the first time, I appreciate you!

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