The clock is ticking
by Tony Tone
June 18, 2022

My friend, Ted Marolf, reached out to me asking if I could remind folks that the clock is ticking regarding ordering a paver to include at the Muscatine County Freedom Rock location in Wilton. The deadline to request a paver is June 30, and this is an incredible way to recognize a loved one or friend who served in our nation’s armed forces.

Did you know that there are nearly 700 engraved pavers at the Muscatine County Freedom Rock site? It’s truly become one of my favorite places to visit, and the photo I have included in this column is from the dedication event that I was honored to emcee a few years ago. These pavers will last for generations and serve as a tribute to a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a cousin, or a friend who served our nation proudly.

Again, this is the final batch of pavers to be installed. There will be no more after this, so please, don’t delay. I would encourage you to visit for more information or call 563-554-4750.

The Muscatine County Freedom Rock dedication ceremony in Wilton on Sept. 6, 2020.

I’d also encourage you to take a ride to Wilton to see the Muscatine County Freedom Rock if you haven’t done so yet. It’s a really moving sight, and one that we frequent often. Granted, our visits also always seem to include a stop at the Wilton Candy Kitchen or to Arty’s. My kids wouldn’t let me leave Wilton without making a few stops!

I will also mention that you should save the date for the Salute to Our Veterans event taking place on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5 at the Muscatine County Freedom Rock site location in Wilton. The Wilton Development Corporation invites you to join them in honoring the veterans of Muscatine County. They’re looking for sponsors, so if you own a business, please contact them at [email protected] to learn more.

How nice of Ted Marolf for hosting that event on my birthday! Yes, I am a Labor Day baby, and this year, everyone, please take the day off work and head to Wilton for that fantastic event! Thank you again to my pal, Ted Marolf, for reaching out and to everyone that has previously purchased a paver to recognize their family member or friend.